10-in-1 Spice Business Application Form 2020

Central government to start 10-in-1 spice+ Online Company Registration to Start Business Faster

Central government is about to launch new Spice+ company incorporation application form. It helps in EPFO, professional tax registration, bank account, GST registration, and the like. By applying online, it shall be easy to start the business quickly. The application form will come out on 15th February 2020. By this, it will be easy for the ones who are planning to start a new venture. The time taken for company registration along with the cost involved can be reduced. It almost takes 3 hours to 4 hours, which can be reduced. However, the central government is responsible for checking the forms that are submitted for the businesses and Spice+ application is also being tested so that it can start its business fast.

10-in-1 spice+ online

10-in-1 Spice+ online registration form

There are two types of application form for Spice+ company that are detailed in the following part of the article.

  1. In the first part, you have to opt for 10-in-1 Spice+ online registration along with name registration.
  2. In the second part, the form service includes incorporation, issuing of PAN and TAN and issue of ID number.

The companies who are opting for ESIC and EPFO registration will have to go through two agencies. Further, the agencies have said that the issued numbers will be registered within 30 minutes.

If the company location is Maharashtra, it should opt for professional tax. Here, the GST number should be part of the procedure. Therefore, it can be said that merging of the procedure of company registration is a backdrop in our country when you wish to start a new venture.

However, the central government has come up with the innovative idea through which it can reduce the time taken for registration procedure from weeks to hours. But World Bank is of the opinion that there are number of processes that are involved from prompting MCA to issuing new forms. As of now, India is in the 63rd rank for the ease of doing business and 136th position for initiating new venture.

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