10 % Aarthik Aarakshan [Reservation] for Upper Caste (Swarn) Poor

10 % Aarthik Aarakshan [Reservation] for Upper Caste (Swarn) Poor
[Eligibility Criteria ]

With the Lok Sabha Election approaching, the political parties are trying their best to impress the general mass. In this, Narendra Modi has announced a new scheme that has resulted in much debate in the nation. Since there are no such reservation schemes for the lower class of the society, this scheme will help the people.  With the launch of the scheme, it will help to improve the financial condition. Relating to the implementation of Aarthik Aarakshan   scheme of the upper caste poor of the country will be given 10% allowance for jobs in government sector and education institutions.

Aarthik Aarakshan – 10% Reservation to Upper Caste (Swarn Class) Poor

Name of the scheme Aarthik Aarakshan Scheme
Name of the drive Modi ki Swarn Kranti
Scheme announced by the governmentNarendra Modi
Date of announcement of the schemeJanuary 2019
Target beneficiaries Upper-class poor people
Quota 10 %

 What are the key features of the scheme?

  • Development of economic condition of poor people – Reservation scheme is implemented to improve the condition of the weaker section of the society. In addition to this, the scheme helps to create new opportunities for the applicants.
  • Financial help to candidates – The scheme aims to improve the condition of the poor people belonging to the upper class. Other than this scheme, there is no such scheme that is implemented in the upper class of society.
  • Total reservation for the scheme – For the upper caste people, 10% reservation will be given by the central government and improve the condition of people who fall in a weaker section of the society.
  • Education and job reservations – After the implementation of the scheme pertaining to the poor of the upper class, they will be able to get registration in different fields according to their merit. Among the different fields, they will get chances in government and educational sector. Therefore, the eligible and selected candidates have to apply for the desired field according to the rules mentioned in the reservation scheme.

What are the eligibility criteria for availing scheme benefits?

  1. Poor people in the upper class– Several schemes are available for the poor people, but there are no such schemes for the low-income people belong to the upper class of the society. Thus, by the implementation of this scheme, the upper-class poor people will be benefitted.
  2. Family income – In the scheme draft, it has been stated that the annual income of the family of applicants applying for the scheme should not exceed rupees 8 lakhs annually. So, the applicants have to show their annual income certificates at the time of registration for the scheme.
  3. Level of income – To avail the benefits of the scheme, the applicants should have a residential area of 1000 square feet or less than that. For the ones who have a home area more than 1000 square feet will not be eligible to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  4. Agricultural land – For the ones have a farming plot more than five acres in measurement, the particular family will not be allowed to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  5. Details of plot possession – Other than farming land, plot possession would also be counted in the urban areas. Families who have plot possession more than 100 yards will not be allowed to take part in the scheme. In addition, families who have non-municipal land up to 2200 yards will be eligible to avail the scheme benefits.

Details of general category bill 

Certain political parties are of the opinion that the present government will not succeed in implementing the above-detailed scheme. Instead, it has been called as an opportunity through which the political party will be able to grab the attention of the mass relating to the 2019 Lok sabha election. Some concerns like reservation of seats for the specific group of people in the society are mentioned in the constitution of India. For an easy implementation of the scheme by the central government, it has to bring in changes in the constitution. Though amendment in the constitution is important, it may not be possible before the election takes place. However, the plan of amending the constitution will be soon informed both in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. When the bill gets a majority of the vote in the upcoming election procedure, only then it is possible for the successful implementation of the scheme. Since it can be expected that reservation amendment will be completed, members of the houses may not cast their vote relating to this bill.

The Final Words

Reservation both in government jobs and the educational sector is a debatable issue for long. Owing to this, there has been debate and conflict among different categories and castes. According to this reservation, students are of the opinion that less eligible candidates often get the chance of pursuing higher studies compared to other eligible candidates who is unable to avail the scheme due to lack of reservation facilities. Thus, the time has come to take proper steps to prevent the evil use of the reservation system. Instead, the central government should offer equal opportunities to applicants will similar merit level.

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