Aasara Pension Scheme in Telangana – Category List of Persons With Disabilities 2019-20

Aasara Pension Scheme in Telangana – Category List of Persons With Disabilities 2019-2020

The Telangana government is on a spree to implement new welfare schemes for the betterment of the people. The Chief Minister is also revising the older schemes to ensure that more people get the benefits of the different projects. In this light, new beneficiary categories have been added to the Aasara Pension Scheme. The physically challenged and sick people find it hard to bag a job. So, they lack the financial stability to opt for the necessary treatments as well. It is here that the state government’s scheme comes to the forefront. The beneficiaries of this project will get a steady cash flow in their bank accounts. The purpose of the support scheme is offer financial as well as social welfare for the needy individuals.

Aasara Pension Scheme ts

Details of the scheme

The Aasara Pension Scheme was implemented by the state government to offer financial support to those with physical disabilities. During the primary launch of this scheme, the state government had only seven categories. Recently, the official announcement highlights that fourteen more categories have been included in the scheme to increase its periphery. The beneficiaries attain Rs. 3,016 in their bank accounts on a monthly basis. State government reports highlight that the scheme offers the perks to 4.9 lakh disabled people.

Apart from the physically challenged applicants, the scheme offers monetary assistance to applicants, who fall in the aged category and widows, Goud community, people who are work in the beedi factories, and AIDS patients.

Disability category list for the scheme

Sl. No.Type of Disability Covered Under the Scheme
1People who cannot hear
2Partially or completely blind people
3Patients with Cerebral Palsy
4Intellectually challenged individuals
5Thalassemia patients
6Suffering from various ailments
7Locomotor disability patients
8Low eyesight
9Multiple Sclerosis patients
10People with mental illness
11Victims of acid attacks
12Haemophilia patients
13Parkinson’s Disease
14Leprosy patients
15People suffering from Dwarfism
16Individuals with autism
17Sickle Cell Disease
18People with language and speech issues
19Muscular Dystrophy
20Individuals with Autism
21Serious Neurological Issues

The re-launch of the scheme will assist the state government to offer financial assist the needy people. While presenting the 2019 – 2020 Telangana Budget, the Chief Minister has set aside a whopping Rs. 9,402 for the successful implementation of the project. A special committee has been given the charge to ensure proper implementation of this scheme.

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