Agri-Tech Scheme In Maharashtra in 2022

Agri-Tech Scheme In Maharashtra in 2019   for Digitally Tracking Agriculture Management (Application Forms)

It has been proven that depending on traditional agro monitoring techniques will no longer make the cut. It is time to bring in the new and advanced technologies, and implement them in this sector. The Maharashtra government is going to do something like this. Agri-Tech Scheme 2019 is rather innovative in its approach. No other state has tried any project that can be compared with this one. The scheme will use technology and advanced monitoring methods to ensure better agricultural produce and farmer prosperity.

Agri Tech Scheme

Launch details

Name of the schemeAgri-Tech Scheme 2019
Launched inMaharashtra
Launched byDevendra Fadnavis
Date of LaunchJanuary 2019
Target beneficiariesFarmers of the state
Supervised byMaharashtra Agricultural Department, ISRO and MRSAC

Key features of the scheme

  1. Agricultural development and mapping – Mapping the farming land is a key component that plays a vital role in measuring the overall agricultural development. With the implementation of this tech based scheme, the Maharashtra government will pave the path for homogenous development in all parts of the state.
  2. Support from ISRO and MRSAC – A lot of technological advancement is necessary for carrying out this project successfully. Thus, the Maharashtra government has roped in the specialists from ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organization) and MRSAC (Maharashtra Remote Application Centre).
  3. Use of high-tech gadgets – The CM highlighted that the success of this scheme depends on the use of high-tech gadgets and software. The agricultural department will make use of satellite imagery and local area surveillance with drones to keep track of farming practices.
  4. Implementation in phases – It is a rather mammoth project and will take some time to come online properly. For immediate implementation, the CM has suggested operation in phases. Now, the state agricultural department is concentrating on the Rabi crop harvest.
  5. Tracking agricultural practices – The use of satellites and drones will make monitoring agricultural practices easy. The state agricultural department will be able to keep track of sowing, nurturing as well as harvesting practices.
  6. Monitoring weather changes – Another advantage of this scheme is monitoring the weather conditions. A sudden change in the weather can ruin the standing crops. With this system, farmers will be able to get advance notifications about climatic changes. Accordingly, they will be able to take preventive measures.
  7. Identifying crop diseases – The tech program will not only monitor the agricultural management, but will also keep a keen eye on the health of the crops. The system will detect any crop damage, caused by insects.
  8. Notifying and highlighting preventive measures – In case the crop damage detection yields positive results, farmers will get a notification. The system will also offer assistance to farmers regarding how they can minimize the crop damage. All such preventive and curative data are fed in the system.
  9. Getting adequate price – Apart from monitoring the health of the crop, farmers will also be able to check the market price of the produce. Once the harvesting activities are complete, they will acquire the correct market value for the farm products. All these information can be attained with this tech project.
  10. Total number of beneficiaries – The state CM is of the opinion that the successful implementation of this project will bring new development in Maharashtra agro activities. It will directly assist 1.5 crore farmers in the state. With time, more advancement will be added, and it will also increase the number of beneficiaries.
  11. Better transparency – Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, the online availability of services will pave the path for transparency. In case there are any errors in the mainframe, then the authority will take immediate action to eliminate the issue.

How to apply and get registration form?

The scheme is rather new and the authority is still working on its final implementation approaches. Once all these are finalized, the CM will make the announcement. All interested individuals will attain the scheme related as well as enrollment related details on this site. As this scheme involves a lot of technology, the state authority may make provisions for online application, in addition to offline application for less tech-savvy farmers.

Inclusion of technology, especially for monitoring climatic and crop development elements is a recent development in India. Meticulous planning will be necessary to ensure the success of this project. The CM of Maharashtra is hopeful that this unique program will increase farmers’ prosperity, and decrease crop losses. Opulence of the agricultural workers is essential for the overall contentment of the society.

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