Andhra Pradesh Ration Card New List 2021 (APL, BPL)

Andhra Pradesh Ration Card New List AP 2019-20 (APL, BPL List NFSA) (Search Name District Wise, Check Status, Download Application Form)

The state government in Andhra Pradesh had started the procedure to offer new ration cards to the people who don’t have one under the AP Ration Card Scheme. The main advantage of the scheme was that people could enroll for the card by logging in on the official portal. The state government has announced that the list is ready. All those who opted for the scheme can check their ration cards through the official portal. In this article, you will also get details, associated with the eligibility, necessary documents, and application procedure.

Andhra Pradesh Ration Card

Launch details

Name of the schemeAP Ration Card Scheme
Launched inAndhra Pradesh
Launched byCM Chandrababu Naidu
Target beneficiariesPeople in the state who don’t have ration card
Supervised byDepartment of Consumer Affairs Food and Civil Supplies


Key features of the scheme

  1. Official ID for the people – The ration card is a very important state government documents. It not only helps the people in getting food grains from the state low rates, but also works as an essential ID proof.
  2. Registration in government books – The ration card also offers the state government details about the person. Issuance of the ration card means that the details of the person are in the government books.
  3. Ease of food grain distribution – The ration cards help the state government work out the exact amount of food grains that is to be supplied to the people at low rates.
  4. Online application – Under this scheme, the state government launched a new portal for the people. Through this portal, people can apply online and get their ration card application forms.
  5. Printout of the ration cards – Once the ration card has been issued in the name of the applicant, he/she can get a print out from the official site as well.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Resident of AP – The scheme is open for only those people who are residents of the state. Thus, they will have to produce some residential document that will help the authority identify that the applicant is a legal resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Both for rich and poor – The ration card is one document that is necessary for the rich as well as the poor. Thus, people from all financial backgrounds must log in on the website, fill in the application form and get their ration cards issued.
  3. Submitting of BPL card – In case the applicant falls under the poverty line and has the BPL certificate, he/she will have to submit a photocopy of the certificate as well. The financial status of the person will be mentioned on the ration card.
  4. Producing the Aadhar card – Apart from the residential proof, applicants will also have to offer some identification documents. Submitting a copy of the Aadhar card will be considered valid by the state authority.

How to apply via online procedure?

  1. The Andhra Pradesh government has launched a new website that will help the people with ration card registrations. To get to this page, applicants will have to click on the link
  2. Once the page opens, the applicants will have to click on the respective link that will give them access to the ratio card application form.
  3. The applicants will have to fill in the details that have been marked in the enrollment form.
  4. Once all these fields have been filled in with pertinent information, the applicants need to attach necessary documents for background checking.
  5. After this, the candidates will have to click on the save and submit option to register their enrollment.

How to search for ration card with name?

  1. After some days, the respective state department will upload the information about the status of the application on the website itself.
  2. If the candidate sees that the ration card has been issued, then he/she can search for it with the name.
  3. For this, the person will have to click on the link
  4. When the website opens, the applicant must click on the option marked as ‘Public Reports.”
  5. After this, he/she will have to click on the option that is marked as “Ration Card.”
  6. It will give the candidate access to the district wise search field.
  7. After this, the applicant will have to select the respective district and office name.
  8. Then the applicant will have to mention the FPS shop code.
  9. As soon as the candidate does this, it will trigger the site to open the list of people whose ration cards have been issued.
  10. The applicant will be able to recheck the list with personal name, address, or the name of the eldest members of the family, or the type of the ration card.

How to search for ration card with Aadhar Card?

  1. It is also possible to get hold of the ration card by mentioning the Aadhar Code of the applicant.
  2. For this, the person will have to log in on the website by clicking on the link
  3. As the page opens, applicant will have to click on “Public Report.”
  4. Then the applicant will have to click on the option that is marked as “Ration Card Reports.”
  5. After this, the person will have to pick the particular district, where he/she lives.
  6. Then the applicant will have to mention the ration office name.
  7. After this, the person will have to type in the code of the NFSA outlet.
  8. After this, the candidate can type in the AAY or Priority Household Card numbers to generate the actual list.
  9. It is then that the site will produce a long list of candidate names and their respective Aadhar card numbers.
  10. The interested candidate can type in his/her Aadhar number and get access to the ration card.

The ration card will not only help the government, but is equally beneficial for the common public. If they possess this card, they will be able to attain additional opportunities that the state government offers from time to time. The ration card will bridge the divide between the state authority and the commoners.

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