AP Jagananna Palle Velugu in Scheme 2021

AP Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme 2020 : 4 Lakh LED Street Lights + Complaint Monitoring System (CMS)

The AP Jagananna PalleVelugu Scheme initiative has been taken up by the Andhra Pradesh state government. The scheme’s main target is to install LED lights and come up with an effective complaint monitoring system. Through the scheme launch, the state government is trying to offer better safety and protection in society. Read on to know more about other details pertaining to the entitled scheme.

AP Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme

Overview of the scheme launch

NameAP Jagananna PalleVelugu Scheme
Launched byAndhra Pradesh government
Target groupDwellers of remote areas and women
Main objectiveProvide security and protection in the remote areas of the state
Number of assistants to helpA total of 7000 assistants will help to address complaints
Number of LED lights to be installed4 lakh LED street lights covering almost 2000 inhabitants areas in Andhra Pradesh 

Highlighting features of AP Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme

Main target group of the scheme

A total of 2,000 rural habitations from different districts are covered in the scheme. 

Focus of the scheme launch

The main objective of the scheme launch is to offer street lights and solve people’s grievances. 

Purpose for launching a complaint system

The complaints system has been launched with the aim to offer suitable help to the citizens of the districts. Also, it also aims to offer better protection and security. 

Benefits of the Scheme –

  1. The rate of depreciation of the street LED lights are slow compared to others available 
  2. The lights have filaments with a lower chance to burn out and offers better durability
  3. No toxic chemicals like mercury are used in the LED lights on the streets 
  4. It has lower maintenance cost producing less heat which is another reason to install the same in the remote places 
  5. It consumes less energy but offers adequate light. With this, it can ensure better safety of women in the light, mostly in the remote areas of the districts
  6. By installing the street lights, it will be easy to light up the streets. 
  7. The LED lights offer better color compared to other street lights

Therefore, the successful installation of the scheme will help the government save money with the help of the environmental friendly lights.

Complaint Monitoring System

  • The  Complaint Monitoring System will be put to function by the village secretariats
  • The decision for the setup of the system has been helped by Minister of Panchayat Raj along with assistance from  Rural Development Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy
  • State government is trying their best to solve the problems of poor street light conditions and reduce the number of complaints lodged
  • A total of 7000 energy assistants along with 2.6 lakh village volunteers have been called to be part of the scheme initiative 
  • Also, the AP State Energy Efficiency Development Corporation shall offer help in this 
  • The main purpose of the installation of the lights is to provide lights in every village in Andhra Pradesh under this programme.
  • Almost 2.7 lakhs of village volunteers will be helping in identifying the malfunctioning of the street lights. Also, there will be one executive each looking after the functioning of the assembly constituency level, district level, revenue division level for quick repairing of the street lights
What is the main objective of the scheme?

The main objective of AP Jagananna PalleVelugu Scheme is to provide security and protection in remote areas of Andhra Pradesh.

What are the Number of LED lights to be installed under this scheme?

A total of 4 lakhs of LED Street lights and it will cover up for almost 2000 inhabitant in Andhra Pradesh.

What is the number of assistants to get help from the scheme?

A total of 7,000 energy assistants along with 2.7 lakhs of village volunteers will be involved in the scheme.

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