AP Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Kits Scheme 2021

AP Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Kits Scheme 2020-21 (Educational Kit) to Govt. School Students

The AP Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Kits Scheme has been initiated by the Andhra Pradesh government, aiming for the students of a government school. Owing to this, an order has been issued by the state government on 12th March 2020. Under this order, the government is giving administrative permission through which students can opt for educational kits. The Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Kits will cost rupees 655.60 crores, and in this, the share of Andhra Pradesh is rupees 262.24 crores.

The state government has further decided that the educational kits will be offered through the help of the Comprehensive Training Center Scheme. Students belonging to the government schools will get the scheme related kit on the 1st of June 2020 before the school resumes a new session from the 12th of June 2020-21.

AP Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Kits Scheme 

Name of the schemeJagananna Vidya Kanuka Kits Scheme
Number of Beneficiaries42 lakhs
Cost of Each kitRupees 1,350
6 Items available in the Educational Kit3 pairs of uniform cloth, notebooks / textbooks, 2 pair of socks, school bag, belt, pair of shoes
Launch Date of scheme12 March 2020
Beneficiary groupGovernment school studentsof 1st to 10th class
Scheme has been announced byCM YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy
Scheme has been launched inAndhra Pradesh

The state government has said that it will give the educational kit consisting of 6 items in it to the students of government schools. Adding to this, the cost of uniform stitches is credited to the mother’s bank account that sends the children to school. However, the government has promised to distribute the kits as the school resumes the new sessions after summer vacations. 

With the idea of launching the scheme, the state government is making an effort to improve the condition of education in the state. Other improvement schemes include the AmmaVodi scheme, the GoruMudda scheme, Nadu-Nedu, and making people aware of English medium education the state government will offer the kits for the betterment of the students. By this, the state government is planning to improve the literacy rate of the state along with gross enrollment ration or GER in the colleges. As of now, repair work has been started in 12,365 schools as of the 1st phase of the Nadu Nedu scheme.

The Andhra Pradesh government has found up 9 items that include drinking water, furniture, toilets, repairing works, compound walls, and English labs. It has further been added that under the ManaBadi Nadu Nedu scheme, 45000 schools, hostels and colleges will be added. Students are given an English medium curriculum from class 1 to 6 and easy to understand books are given. Along with this, hand books to parents, training to the teachers on how to teach English to the students will help to improve the condition of education. Also, self-learning applications, assessment tests and different training are started. Therefore, it has been decided that an English lab will be present in every school and Telugu will be considered as a compulsory subject for the students.

For the successful implementation of the Goru Mudda scheme, the state government is offering rupees 344 crores. Different agencies like SHGs, Village, RDOs and the Ward Secretariats, will check the quality of food at 4 different levels.

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