AP Women Safety Reporting Portal 2021

AP Women Safety Reporting Portal to Prevent Online Cyber Crimes at 4s4u.appolice.gov.in

The AP Women Safety Reporting Portal has been initiated by Andhra Pradesh government to reduce the risks of cybercrimes. It shall protect women and children of the state and create awareness through different online programs. Women and children can lodge different crime and sexual harassment complaints in the portal. Also, they can get information on different issues like harassment, cybercrime and the like options. Let us take a glance at some of the relevant information relating to the portal launch in the following part of the article. 

AP Women Safety Reporting Portal

AP Women Safety Reporting Portal 2020

NameWomen Safety Reporting Portal
Target groupWomen and children
Official website4s4u.appolice.gov.in
Main focusSafeguard women from cyber crime
Launched inAndhra Pradesh
launched byAP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Program developed byCyber Crime programme developed with AP Police and Crime Investigation Department
Date of portal launch3 July 2020
Additional portal launched isE-RakshaBandhan Campaign

Highlighting features of portal launch –

Abuse Prevention –

To deal with mental disorders like child sexual abuse or CSA when committed by person who is in power and seen as a trusted

Child Support –

Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act or PCSO Act 2012 has been enacted for child’s protectionand any kind of offencessuch as sexual abuse, influences of pornography and sexual harassment

Prevention from Domestic Violence

Problems of domestic violence is common with celebrities and other people alike

Support to Rape Victim

Rape or sexual intercourse without the consent of the person is considered one of the worst forms of crimes. However, women and children are prone to these incidents and they should be protected against it.

Work Place sexual harassment

Situations like requests for sexual favors and verbal or physical conduct relating to any sexual nature is included under sexual harassment.

Street Harassment –

Unwanted sexual advances and remarks made to women in public places often leading to crimes of a serious nature fall under the category of Street Harassment

Reservation given to women

As per the changes made in Andhra Pradesh, the state authorities have decided to offer 50% reservation to women candidates in different posts. In addition, it has also thought about giving launching different scheme facilities for the benefit of women.

Therefore, with the help of the portal launch, it is easy to help the women and child victims and get suitable assistance for the same.

Safety reporting portal complaints registered

The list includes plenty of complaint options and they are given as follows.

  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child pornography
  • Mobile crimes
  • Crimes through social media
  • Financial fraud cases through online sites
  • Ransomware
  • Online cyber trafficking
  • Hacking
  • Cryptocurrency issues

E-RakshaBandhan Campaign

The E-RakshaBandhan Campaign has been launched with the CCPWC and other organization that took inactive to safeguard women and children safety in Andhra Pradesh. In regard to this campaign, the police department of the state is trying their best to create online awareness. The main objective of the portal launch is to create awareness among public and help the higher authorities prevent the rising cybercrime problems.Through one month campaigns, the awareness can be created, and it will be one through means of webinars, competitions, workshops and the like options. However, experts from across the country will be part of the online campaign, and they shall offer guidance to children and women to help them know how to prevent such crimes and situations. 


Q: What is the main idea to launch the Women Safety Reporting portal?

Ans: Cater to different women and child safety and sexual abuse issues.

Q: what is the official website of AP Women Safety Reporting Portal?

Ans: http://4s4u.appolice.gov.in/

Q: what is the helpline number of AP Women Safety Reporting Portal?

Ans: Toll free – 112 and whatsapp – 9071666667

Q: where to contact for of AP Women Safety Reporting Portal?

Ans: AP DGP Head Quarters, Mangalagiri, Guntur-522503, Andhra Pradesh

Q: What step to be taken when complainant lodges false information?

Ans: Complainant will be subjected to penal action based on Indian penal code.

Q: How a complaint is processed once it is lodged?

Ans: Complaint should be addressed by state police department and take necessary actions.

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