AP YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme 2021

AP YSR Sampoorna Poshana and Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme 2020 (Pregnant women Nutrition Supplementation, children, Eligibility, How to apply)

A healthy mother can provide appropriate nourishment to an infant. Women, residing in the rural and tribal areas do not have access to such diet. Thus, issues like still born babies and underweight children are rampant in these areas. The Andhra Pradesh government desires to eliminate such problems with the implementation of the YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme.


AP YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme Launch details

Name of the schemeYSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme
Launched inAndhra Pradesh
Launched byYS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of announcementAugust 2020
Date of official implementation1st September 2020
Target beneficiariesPregnant and lactating women, infants and young children
Supervised byWomen and Children Development Authority of each district
Application processThrough surveys conducted by Anganwadi Centers
Official website linkap.gov.in

Key features of the YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme

Betterment of healthcare

The implementation of this food security scheme will ensure eradication of such evils, and pave the path for a healthy life.

For pregnant and lactating women

The first category of beneficiaries are pregnant women and nursing mothers, living in tribal regions.

For tribal children

New born babies, infants and young children, till the age of 6 years will also come under the beneficiary category of this developmental project.

Dietary allocations

Special diet package will be provided to the expecting and lactating mothers. The children, who are below the age of three years, will also receive nutritional diet packages. Children that fall in the age bracket of 3 and 6 years will get milk and eggs.

Total number of beneficiaries

27 lakh children and women will obtain the benefits of this developmental project.

Allocated budget

The state government will spend Rs. 308 crore for rolling out this project. The monthly expense for meeting mother’s dietary needs is Rs. Rs. 1100, while Rs. 553 will be allocated for a child’s diet each month.

Implementation through Tribal mandals and Anganwadi Centers

The Chief Minister pointed out that members of Anganwadis (8,320) and tribal mandals (77) will play an important role in the scheme implementation.

Eligibility criteria

Residential requirement

It is mandatory for the women and children to be legal and permanent residents of the tribal area, located within the borders of Andhra Pradesh.

Financial background

As highlighted in the draft, this scheme has been developed for tribal women and children, which have poor financial backgrounds.

Criteria for women

Two categories of women will be considered for obtaining the perks of this project. First, expecting women can register. Secondly, lactating or nursing mothers will also receive the special diet package.

Age criteria for children

Only those children will get the benefits of this nutritional scheme that have not completed the age of 6 years.

Documents necessary for application

Residential documents

All applicants need to provide their residential proof documents during registration process.

Identification proof

Tribal women must product their Aadhar and Voter Cards for identification verification.

Medical reports for women

The pregnant and lactating women must provide the updated medical check-up reports to the members of the Anganwadi centers.

Age certificate of the children

The age certificate of the children must be updated till they attain the age of 6 years.

How to apply for the scheme –

Offline application

The people, living in the tribal areas will not have to worry about the registration process. The state authority has opted for the offline application process.

Responsibility of Anganwadi workers

The Anganwadi Centres will dispatch members to the tribal areas. The Anganwadi workers need to conduct a survey in these areas.

Gathering pertinent information –.

During the door-to-door survey, Anganwadi members will acquire details of pregnant, lactating women and children.

Digitization of the data

After the data collection is complete, Anganwadi workers will have to upload the details on the Common Application Software. It will form the bedrock of this developmental project.

Beneficiary selection

The details of women and children will be crossc hecked via CAS. The health officers will identify the beneficiaries, and direct the Anganwadi workers accordingly.


Q: What is the main purpose of the YSR Sampoorna Poshan Plus Scheme?

Ans: To provide the expecting females and children with highly nutritious food packages

Q: When will the state government roll out the YSR Sampoorna Poshan Plus Scheme?

Ans: 1st of September 2020.

Q: Which females will be allowed to register for the YSR Sampoorna Poshan Plus Scheme?

Ans: poor and tribal women, who are either pregnant or are nursing their infants

Q: Which agency will collect and process the data, necessary for the implementation of this project?

Ans: Anganwadi Centers.

Q: Which bodies are going to monitor this scheme?

Ans: Integrated Tribal Development Authority and the Department of Women or Child Development

Q: Do the scheme details mention any special health standard for the interested beneficiaries?

Ans: No

Malnutrition is responsible for the deaths of many children in the villages and tribal areas. If pregnant women fail to receive optimum diet, they may fall sick, jeopardizing the health of mother and the unborn child. Poor families cannot purchase expensive nutritious food items. The state government has finally stepped in with a befitting solution to eliminate their sufferings.

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