Arogyam Scheme in Tamil Nadu 2022 for Immunity

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The current COVID – 19 patients count has already crossed the 24 thousands mark in India. Central and state governments are working round the clock to ensure that people are following the lockdown guidelines. Apart from this, it is the responsibility of the governments to provide food and financial security to the commoners during the trying times. Till date, there are no available vaccines or medicines to cure Coronavirus. Experts suggest that maintaining social distancing can save one from COVID – 19 infection. However, natural and alternative medicine practitioners suggest that one must take the necessary measures to increase the internal immunity. In this respect, the Chief Minister of Kerala, has launched the Arogyam Scheme.

Name of the schemeArogyam Scheme
Launched inTamil Nadu
Launched byKaruppa Gounder Palanisamy
Date of announcement23rd April, 2020
Date of implementationSoon
Target beneficiariesPeople living in containment areas
Supervised byGovernment of Tamil Nadu

Arogyam Scheme in Tamil Nadu 2020 Details

Boosting immunity

The scheme has been developed and implemented by the Tamil Nadu government for increasing the immune system of the people, so that they can fight common seasonal aliments.

Herbal mixture

The state government will distribute a dry herbal mixture that consists of two ingredients. These ingredients are Kabasura Kudineer and Nilavembu. These herbal ingredients have the properties, which can strengthen the immune system of an individual.

Distribution in containment areas

Not all the people, who are residing in the containment areas in the state, are suffering from Coronavirus. The regular intake of this herbal mixture will help them to prevent viral contamination.

Expected beneficiary number

The state government has mentioned in the official press release that around one lakh bottles of this herbal mixture will be distributed. The number will increase in the future.

Eligibility for attaining the herbal mixture

There is no special eligibility criterion that must be fulfilled by the residents of the state to obtain this herbal mixture. All the families, which are living in the areas, marked as Coronavirus hotspots and containment zones, will get the immunity boosting medicine.

How to Apply for the Program

As mentioned in the scheme guidelines, common people need not go through any application process to get the herbal medicine mix. The local authority will make a list of the households, which fall in the hotspots and containment zones. The herbal mix will be delivered to the houses by the government volunteers.

Will the state government charge any money for the herbal medicine?

Ans: No. The Tamil Nadu government will distribute the herbal medicine to the people free of cost.

Is this a medicine for preventing COVID – 19?

Ans: No. The herbal mixture does not have the medicinal properties to prevent or cure COVID – 19. It will increase the immunity of the people, if they consume it regularly.

Will it have any side-effects?

Ans: No. Both the ingredients are natural, and will not pave the path for any side-effects. So, it is safe for people of all ages.

Who has recommended the medicine?

Ans: Union Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy or AYUSH experts have recommended this herbal medicine.

The Tamil Nadu government has not yet mentioned the official date from when, the distribution of these packets will commence. Once the Tamil Nadu authority comes up with the official press release, you will get the updated details on our portal immediately. It is an innovative step that can safeguard the people from other ailments.

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