Assam Cares Migrant Outreach Scheme 2021

Assam Cares Migrant Outreach Scheme 2020 (Corona Sahayta Help scheme, 2000 rs to Migrant Workers)

Due to the rapid rise in the number of Coronavirus positive cases, the central government has already decided to extend the country-wide lockdown till the 3rd of May 2020. The financial and job infrastructures in Assam are not up to the mark. It compels thousands of people from Assam to other states in India. These migrant labour are currently stranded in these states, without access to money or proper food commodities. Like other states, the Assam government has also come up with a financial relief scheme for these individuals. Under the Assam Cares Migrant Outreach Scheme, the state government will offer monetary grant to the migrant labour. If you want to know more about this scheme, then read this articles.

Assam Cares Migrant Outreach Scheme

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeAssam Cares Migrant Outreach Scheme
Launched inAssam
Launched bySarbananda Sonowal
Announced byHimanta Biswa Sarma
Date of announcementApril 2020
Date of implementation18th April 2020
Target beneficiariesMigrant labour, hailing from the state
Supervised byFinancial and Health Ministries of Assam Government

Key features of the scheme

  1. Relief scheme for the needy – It is a relief scheme, jointly sponsored by the Assam finance and Health Departments, for the benefit of the needy migrant labour.
  2. Financial grant for students – The new scheme has been developed for providing monetary assistance to the students, which are legal residents of Assam.
  3. Offering security – The distribution of the grant will provide both financial and food security to the stranded migrant labour. They will be able to use the money to purchase food and essential commodities.
  4. Grant amount – As per the guidelines of this scheme, the selected beneficiaries will obtain Rs. 2000 in their bank accounts as a relief amount.
  5. Payment in installments – The specified financial amount will be sent as the first installment payment. The Assam government mentioned that it will make the necessary arrangements to send a second installment deposit. The amount is yet to be decided. However, the Health Minister said that the applicants will attain the second installment before the lockdown is called off.
  6. Mode of payment – The Assam government will deposit the money in the directly in the bank account of the migrant labor.
  7. Number of beneficiaries – Government reports highlight that the number of eligible applicants is around 4.32 lakhs. Till date, around 2.08 lakh registration forms have been submitted.
  8. Application process – The state government has decided that the registration of the eligible candidates will be done through the official helpline number. It will make the process easy and faster.
  9. Help from IT students – The Assam Chief Minister has mentioned that the IT engineering students will take an active part in the implementation of the scheme. 150 such candidates have been chosen as volunteers. They will man the helpline number, and assist the migrant labour with the application process.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Residents of the state – Only those students and migrant labour will be allowed to apply for this program, which are legal and permanent residents of Assam.
  2. For migrant labour – The state government will allow the registration of migrant workers, which are trapped in the other states.
  3. For students – The scheme highlights that the students, pursuing education in other states, can enroll for the relief scheme.
  4. Registered labour – The scheme will process the applications of those migrant labour, which are registered with the labor associations.
  5. Must have a bank account – Both the migrant labour, must have access to a bank account. Without this, they will not be able to attain the financial perk, offered by Assam government via this scheme.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential proof – The applicants must offer some documents, which support the claim that they are permanent and legal inhabitants of Assam.
  2. Identification proof – It is mandatory for the applicants to send snaps of the Addhar Card that will be used for identity scrutiny.
  3. Certificate of registered labour – The migrant labour need to upload a scanned copy of the certificates, issued by the respective labor association.
  4. College/university admission papers – If the applicant is a students, then he/she must mention the name of the college or university and the student registration number. The admission documents must be submitted for verification.
  5. Account details – The migrant labour and students must provide their account number, branch and bank name, IFSC code and branch code, during the application process.

How to attain application form and register?

  1. Official helpline number – The Assam government has already launched a helpline number. The interested migrant labour and students, trapped in other states will be able to apply through this helpline number.
  2. Detail collection – The executives will receive the calls, and take down the necessary details from the applicant.
  3. Verification of details – These details will be sent to the respective state government department. Here, the officials will have to check the authenticity of the details.
  4. Beneficiary list preparation – If the details of the applicants are genuine, then their names will be included in the beneficiary list. These lists will be sent to the Finance Department of Assam Government.
  5. Distribution of grant – The officials of the finance department will make the necessary arrangements to deposit the monetary grant in the bank accounts of the selected beneficiaries.

The inter-state borders will remain closed till the lockdown is active. It means that there is no way for the stranded migrant labour and students from Assam to get back to their homes. The Assam Chief Minister also mentioned that special transportation arrangements will be made to bring the people back to the state. They will be sent to the quarantine facilities, where the individuals will be kept for 14 days. Medical tests will be conducted to ensure that the individuals are not COVID – 19 positive. It will help the medical professionals to detect the isolate the patients. Keeping the patients in the medical facilities, will prevent the spread of this deadly disease in the state.

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