Assam Plasma Donation Campaign 2022

Assam Plasma Donation Campaign 2020 (Donor Benefits, Reward, Jobs)

In the wake of the fast spread of the pandemic, COVID-19, many individuals are affected daily. To curb the increase, the Assam government has thought about inviting plasma donors from across the country. This shall help in its ‘aggressive treatment’ for COVID-19 patients. It has started with plasma therapy to help treat COVID-19 severe cases. As there is a shortage of donors, it has planned for the initiative and seeks assistance from other states in this pandemic.

Assam plasma donation campaign

As of now, the state has seen 19, 754 COVID-19 positive cases with a success rate of 12, 888 cases and 48 deaths. However, it is also known that six individuals among the recovered ones have donated plasma. In addition to this, three affected patients have been given plasma therapy due to COVID infection at Guwahati Medical college hospital, expecting their speedy recovery. 

The health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma of Assam has urged the recovered ones to spread awareness and encourage others to donate plasma. This can help the state health authorities to treat more affected patients and help them survive. Even the state minister wants recovered patients from other states to come to Assam to donate plasma as an initiative to help the state come out of the situation. In this regard, the ministry further added that it would start advertising campaigns through TV, newspapers, and social media platforms to spread the news of plasma donors. 

If a patient was symptomatic, he or she could donate up to 400gm of plasma within a time frame of 3 months from the time of recovery. With 400 gm of plasma, it can be used to treat two patients who are affected by COVID-19.

Benefits of Assam plasma donation campaign 

  1. The donors from other states will be treated as guests and they will be offered return fare along with accommodation to stay 
  2. The donors will get donor cards and token of appreciation as their contribution
  3. The donors of the state will be given preference under government schemes. In this, they can get houses under the PM Awas Yojana

However, with the rising number of positive cases in the state, it can be expected that more donors will come up. With more number of recoveries, more donors may come to donate plasma and help others in fast recovery. To reduce the chances of fatal cases, the state has taken up the ‘aggressive treatment’ to cope with the problems. It shall consider the ones with moderate symptoms to manage the instances of COVID-19.

Also, doctors have come up with oxygen therapy, steroids, plasma therapy, and other medicines for the help of the patients. Other than this, Sarma has announced that testing machines should be installed in private clinics and isolation centers to help the positive patients deal with the situation better. 

How to reward plasma donors?

It has been declared that plasma donors will get preference in job and they can become part of different government launched schemes. Plasma donation can be advantageous in interviews as stated by health minister of Assam. The donors will be give certificates that will be important and candidates can produce it at the time of interviews.

In addition to this, the ones who are listed at bottom of PMAY list will secure top-most place if they donate plasma. These are ways to encourage individuals who have survived COVID-19 and help the ones who are among the newly affected ones. The reason to encourage this is that it does not have any negative impact on the health of the person who is affected with COVID-19.

Other than Assam, not many states have come up with concept of having plasma bank to help the COVID-19 patients. So, Assam health minister is planning to reach out to other states with the appeal to the survivors to donate plasma to the ones who are fighting with it.

Benefits for the donors

For the ones who wish to donate plasma can stay in hotels and Assam state government will take up responsibility for their traveling expenses. In this relation, some students and doctors from Karnataka have come forward to become part of the initiative and help others.

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