[Apply] Assam Pragyan Bharti Scheme – Textbook Assistance to UG/PG Students

Assam Pragyan Bharti Scheme 2020 Facility List, How To Apply, Eligibility, Documents. UG / PG students, Rs. 1000, textbook assistance, education loan subsidy, scooty, free uniform, admission fee waiver

The state government of Assam has come up with a new scheme called Pragyan Bharti Scheme. The scheme is dedicated to the students of the state. It will help the education system of the state. As per the finance minister of the state Himanta Biswa Sarma, launching the scheme is considered as one of the 18 flagship programs initiated by the state. In order to avail the benefits of the scheme one needs to follow few steps. So the article is going to tell you about the scheme.

Launch details

Name of the schemeAssam Pragyan Bharti Scheme
Launched in Assam
Date of launch2020
Launched byGovernment of Assam
Target peopleStudents of Assam

Key features of the scheme


The scheme will assist the students of the state by providing all the essential things related to studies.

Supplies for school

The scheme will provide uniforms to the students who study in government schools, and they will also receive textbooks.

Supplies for college students

The students who are pursuing UG and PG courses will get text books from the government.

Fee waiver-

The beneficiary students under the scheme will get fee waiving facility. The fee for hostels will be waived as well.

Financial assistance

As the rule of the scheme, 1 lakh students in Assam will receive 1000 rupees financial assistance for textbooks. The UG and PG students will get 1500 rupees and 2000 rupees per head for books.

Education loan

 The scheme will also let the students to borrow one time education loan. The loan amount will be 50, 000 rupees.

Financial assistance for hostel

The students will receive 1000 rupees in every month as hostel or mess fee.

Free admission

The students will get free admission from HS to PG level only for the academic year 2020-21 in engineering, medical, and polytechnic.

Scooties for female students

The meritorious female students if 12th class will receive scooty from the government.

Budget for the scheme

In order to make the scheme effective for the students the government has allotted 5, 75, 31, 000 rupees for the scheme.

Eligibility criteria

Resident of Assam

As the scheme is for the students of Assam so one needs to be permanent resident of the state.

Government school’s students

In order to get school supplies the student has to be studying in govt. school.

Bank account

Candidates have to have bank account to receive the financial assistance.

Required documents

ID proof

In order to prove yourself a student you need to provide appropriate ID proof to the authority.

Bank account details

You need to provide account details for the monetary aid.

Residential proof

The students need to provide residential proof to avail the benefit.

How to get the text books?

The students are asked to contact with the respective college and schools to get the benefits of the scheme. The money will be debited directly to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Lastly, it can be said that amidst the pandemic the state government of Assam has taken a commendable step. It will help the students to continue with their studies as far as they want. The scheme will also improve the overall education scenario of the state.


What is Assam Pragyan Bharti Scheme about?

It is a program to help students by providing books, uniforms, fee waiver, etc.

Will the students studying outside of Assam get the benefit?

No, the students have to be the permanent resident of Assam, and also study in Assam to get the assistance.

Do the students have to apply for the scheme?

They need to contact with respective college or school administer to learn more.

Will the institution provide text books?

No, under the scheme the beneficiary will receive money for buying books to their bank account from the government. But, to get the benefit you need to contact with the administer department of your school/college.

What is fee waiving facility?

From 12th grade to PG your educational fee including hostel and mess fee will waived.

Is there any special step for female students?

The meritorious female students from 12th grade will get scooty from government.

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