Tamil Nadu Athikadavu Avinashi water recharge and drinking Water Supply Scheme 2022

Tamil Nadu Athikadavu Avinashi water recharge and drinking Water Supply Scheme 2020

The Tamil nadu government has given rupees 500 crores for successful implementation of Tamil Nadu Athikadavu Avinashi Groundwater Recharge and Drinking Water Supply Scheme. On 28th March 2018, the state government has initiated the administrative sanction of the scheme. For this, the environment clearance has been given on 19th December 2019. However, the main objective of the scheme implementation is to recharge water and by this help increase the level of underground water.

Athikadavu Avinashi Scheme Tamil Nadu

Also, the scheme helps offer suitable drinking water to the household of the states. Through this, piped water supply will be offered to the households to different families of Tamil Nadu. For this, an amount of rupees 1000 crores has been sanctioned by the state government with the estimate of rupees 1652 crores to be required for the whole procedure. Under this, a 1058 kilometer long pipeline will be required along with 6 pump houses to be constructed for ease of water supply. 

However, a total of 1048 water bodies can get the benefits of the scheme and help people get easy water supply required for irrigation purposes. 

Other details of the scheme 

The successful implementation of Tamil Nadu Athikadavu Avinashi Scheme will offer help to 24,468 acres for the drought prone areas and the areas having insufficient groundwater like Tirupur, Coimbatore, Erode districts and the like. However, the required water will be pumped from the Bhavaniriver and it will feed water bodies like tanks, dams in Tirupur, Coimbatore districts, ponds and others. Some other areas covered in the state are Perundurai, Gobichettipalayam, Nambiyur, Chennimalai, Bhavanisagar, Uthukuli, Periyanaickenpalayam, Avinashi, Tirupur,  Sulur, Annur, Sarkarsamakulam, and Karamadai blocks. 

It is known that near about 1.5 TMC water will be taken from the river and by the help of the scheme, drinking water will be given to the households, improve groundwater level, and it will offer irrigation facilities in the drought-prone areas. For this, the state government will provide rupees 500 crores during the 2020-2021 budgets that shall help in speedy implementation of the above-said scheme.

The dams between the tanks and ponds for better water conservation should be filled along with tanks and ponds. This would be of real benefit for the water bodies to get suitable water supply. Therefore, for groundwater augmentation, the dams are of real benefit. It can be expected that the scheme will be implemented by 2021 elections. In the second phase of the scheme, it has been decided that the state government will help augment the need of the left out places. 

Apart from this, the state government has constructed 4 pump houses and yet to complete 2 of them and it will begin soon. Government has sanctioned rupees 230 crores for the rehabilitation of the Noyyal river basin. Even the PWD officers stated that the Noyyal river basin is extended over 158.35 kilometers with 18 anicuts. Thus, the whole stretch of the river basin will be delisted, and the source of vegetation will be removed from the river sources. 

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