Karnataka Driver Scheme: Rs 5000 For Auto, Taxi Driver Apply Online

Karnataka Driver Scheme 2020 – Rs 5000 For Auto, Taxi Driver (Apply Online, Link, Check Status, Portal, Eligibility)

The race is on to find a comprehensive cure for the disease. Until them, the central and state governments have two weapons in their arsenal to fight this disease. These are lockdown and social distancing. The 1ockdown has destroyed the national financial framework. The condition is rather dire for daily wage earners, and vehicle drivers. People are trapped in their homes during lockdown. It means the taxi; auto and cab drivers are unable to earn their livelihood. The Karnataka government has implemented the Taxi Driver Scheme to offer financial assistance. The beneficiaries will obtain a one-time grant from the state authority, till the lockdown is active. If you are interested in knowing more about this unique project, then read this article carefully.

Taxi Driver Scheme in Karnataka

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeTaxi Driver Scheme
Name of the packageCOVID-19 Lockdown Distress Relief Package
Launched inKarnataka
Launched byBS Yediyurappa
Date of announcement6th May 2020
Date of implementationSoon
Target beneficiariesTaxi, auto, cab drivers
Supervised byGovernment of Karnataka

5000 rs Karnataka Driver Scheme

Welfare of the drivers

The development and launch of this project has been made by the state government, for ensuring that the families of the auto, taxi, and cab drivers do not face financial crisis.

Financial assistance

It has been mentioned in the official scheme draft that every selected beneficiary will obtain Rs. 5000 from the Karnataka authority.

Beneficiary count

An official report highlights that the Karnataka government will pay the assistance grant to as many as 7 lakh and 75 thousand cab, taxi and auto drivers, residing in the state.

Payment frequency

The Chief Minister of Karnataka has mentioned that the financial grant will be given to the beneficiaries only once.

Payment mode

All the selected beneficiaries will obtain the money in their bank accounts. The process that has been agreed upon for fiscal deposition is Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT mode.

Budget allocated for package

The Finance Department of Karnataka has already allocated a whopping budget for the successful implementation of the scheme. Rs. 1610 crore has been set aside for appropriate monitoring and implementation of this project.

Eligibility for applicants

Residents of the state

Only those taxi, auto and cab drivers will be able to apply for obtaining the perks of this project, which are legal residents of Karnataka.

Registered drivers

The applicant must be a registered driver to attain the financial grant.

For vehicle owners

The owners of taxi, cabs and autos will be able to register for this project.

Must have bank account

It is mandatory for the interested candidate to possess a bank account.

Documents necessary

Residential documents

Attaching the residential documents, issued by the Karnataka government is a must for every applicant.

Identification proof

It has been mentioned that the applicant will have to attach a photocopy of the Aadhar Card and Voter Card for identity verification.

Driving license

A photocopy of the valid driver’s license must be submitted for scrutiny.

Vehicle registration documents

If the applicant owns a taxi, auto or cab, then he needs to furnish the copies of such documents.

Bank account details

The applicant has to produce such documents, which shed light on the name of the bank and the branch, account number, IFSC code, branch code, etc. Without these details, it will become impossible for the Karnataka government to deposit the financial grant in the beneficiary’s bank account.

How to apply for the scheme?

It is a new welfare and financial assistance project that has been launched for helping the auto, taxi and cab drivers. During the authorized announcement, the Chief Minister pointed out the benefits, which the project offers. However, he did not say anything about the registration process. The other government officials said that the respective department is finalizing the application procedure. It will be done in such a manner that the eligible candidate can enroll quickly, and obtain the monetary benefit without much hassle. If you want more information on the application procedure, then keep your eyes glued to our portal. here, you will get the updated details soon.


Is this scheme a part of a larger welfare package?

Ans: Contrary to popular belief, the Taxi Driver Scheme is not a separate scheme. It is one of the schemes, which have been developed by the Karnataka government, under the COVID-19 Lockdown Distress Relief Package.

Who will be the primary beneficiaries of this scheme?

Ans: As the name suggests, the taxi drivers, cab drivers, and the auto drivers will become the main beneficiaries of this project.

Will the central government contribute towards the scheme implementation?

Ans: No. The entire expenditure of the scheme will be met by the Karnataka government. The central government will not contribute financially towards this scheme.

Are there any other ways to transfer the financial benefit?

Ans: No. Only Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT has been selected as the means of transferring the money in the beneficiaries’ accounts. This process offers transparency and security.

Will I be able to apply if I do not have a residential proof of belonging to Karnataka?

Ans: The scheme document says that only the permanent residents of Karnataka, which have access to official residential documents to support their claims. If an interested candidate lacks residential proof, he will not be allowed to acquire the benefits of this project.

Do I have to submit a copy of my Aadhar Card?

Ans: Strict verification will be carried out by the government officials, before the preparation of the beneficiary list. Thus, every candidate must provide a photocopy of his Aadhar Card.

Is there any option of online application?

Ans: Though the state government has not finalized the enrollment process, it is expected that an online portal will be launched. It is the best way of collecting the registration requests, and eliminating chances of crowding in the government offices, for submission of enrollment forms.

Are there any other welfare schemes, launched as a part of the COVID-19 Lockdown Distress Relief Package?

Ans: Yes. The COVID-19 Lockdown Distress Relief Package also contains financial and welfare schemes, targeted towards the barbers, washer-men, MSME business owners, and flower cultivators.

The main responsibility of the Karnataka government is to make sure that the needy and working class people are not going to bed on an empty stomach. Apart from development and implementation of financial security schemes, the state authority has streamlined the PDS system. It ensures proper food distribution to the poor people, free of cost from the fair price shops. In addition to this, the government is making constant endeavors to develop the medical facilities. The sudden attack of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than 2, 84, 382 lives in around 180 countries. In India, the number of COVID – 19 positive cases has reached 67, 714. Medical experts opine that the number will reach its peak during June – July 2020. The world needs some sort of medical breakthrough that will eradicate the life-threating impact of Coronavirus once and for all.

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