Ayyankali Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme in Kerala 2021

Ayyankali Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme in Kerala 2020 (Eligibility, Application Form Online Apply, Download, Documents)

Due to the outbreak of pandemic that lead to a prolong lockdown the unemployment increased in Kerala. In order to fight against all the adversities, the state government of Kerala re-introduced to Ayyankali Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme. The scheme is being considered as one of the emergency steps that the government has taken up. The scheme is very similar to the center’s Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. It is a demand driven scheme and the article is going to tell about the scheme in detail.


Launch details

Name of the schemeAyyankali Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme
Introduced byGovt. of Kerala
Introduced inKerala
Monitored byDirectorate of Urban Affairs
Target peopleUrban people of Kerala
Official websiteauegskerala.gov.in

Key features of the scheme

Objective of the scheme-

The scheme will provide livelihood security in the urban area by providing work to the urban people.

Mode of work-

The adult of the family will get 100 days work that wage based. It is a type of unskilled manual work.

Development of the scheme

The scheme was developed during 2007 to 2012 in the 11th five year plan by previous government.

Time limit

As per the rule of the scheme, three years are set as a limit to improve the condition of the unemployed people.

Types of works

Micro irrigation works, water conservation, water harvesting, drought proofing, flood control, repairing of road and bridges, renovation of natural water resources, etc. will be done under the scheme.   

Priority to women

The project will provide special job facility to the women applicant as 50% applicants has to be women.

Place of employment

The candidates will get employment with the radius of 5km from their residence.

Extra pay-

If the place of employment surpasses the mentioned area, then he/she will get 10% extra on the pay.

Eligibility criteria

Urban resident of Kerala- The scheme is for the people who are the permanent residents of Kerala’s urban area.

Age limit– As the scheme will only employ the adult, so one needs to be at least 18 years old get work.

Job card– In order to get the work under the scheme one needs to have job card.

Documents required

Residential proof– You need to provide residential proof that shows you live in city in Kerala.

Age proof– As the minimum age has to be 18 years old so you need to produce age proof to the authority.

ID proof– While applying for the scheme you need to provide identity proof to the authority.

Job card– You need to take your job card along with other documents.

How to apply for the scheme?

In order to apply for the scheme the candidate has to visit the corporation/municipality office of their respective jurisdiction. The applicant needs to show the job card along with other documents. The job card holder will get 15 days registration for the work on daily wage basis.

In the midst of pandemic when the unemployment is rising, the reintroduction to the scheme will help to bring some solution. The average cost of living is higher in the urban area and that is the reason the project was needed. It will help to ensure the financial security of the unemployed labors of the state. The registration will be issued of priority basis. The job is guaranteed to the people and the amount is fixed as per the need of the people. 


Will the scheme work for all people in Kerala?

No, there are limitations, you need to be from a city and you need to have a job card.

What kind of work will be given?

The work will be manual work and that will be done by voluntarily basis against daily wage.

Will a person get secured job for 100 days?

No, 100 days work is the name of the project. The person will receive 15 days registration for a single work.

How will the money be paid?

The money will be paid every day after work is done.

Does the applicant need bank account?

No, the money will be given in your hand. One does not need to have any account at any bank.

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