Bhoomi Portal 2021 for Land Records Maps in Karnataka

Bhoomi Portal for Land Records in Karnataka
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Like all other states, the Karnataka government also maintains details of all land that is registered under the names of the owners or otherwise. To make the record checking process easy, the state government has launched a new site that will help the common people to check all details, pertaining to the land via the online website. The scheme has rightly been called the Bhoomi Land Records Portal in Karnataka.

Bhoomi Portal for Land Records in Karnataka

Name of the schemeBhoomi Portal for Land Records In Karnataka
Launched inKarnataka
Launched byH. D. Kumaraswamy
Supervised byLand Records Department In Karnataka

Key features of the Bhoomi Land Records Portal in Karnataka.

  1. Easy maintenance of land records –Earlier, maintaining land records was a difficult task for the officers. With the help of this portal, they can access the database easily.
  2. Elimination of corruption – With the help of the operational portal, the state government will be able to curb corruption from the land revenue and registration system.
  3. Convenience of the land owners – With the launch of the portal, common people will no longer have to line up outside the state government offices to get their land registration papers. They can log in on the portal and fill in the application form to generate the registration document from the comfort of their homes.
  4. Revenue calculation and submission – The state government wants to develop the website further so that people can pay their land taxes online. The site will make the task of calculating and submitting land revenue and taxes easily.
  5. Fast and hassle-free – Earlier, land registration or submission of the taxes took time. The portal will eliminate time wastage considerably.
  6. Access to the land maps – Apart from the registration number and details of the plot, the owner will also be able to see the map of the entire area. The geographical data has been fed in the portal software of extra assistance. The maps will highlight the nature of the land as well.
  7. Other facilities – Apart from the land details, land owners will also be able to use the details to attain crop loans and bank loans against the land.

Documents necessary for getting the details

All interested applicants will have to type in some details on the Bhoomi portal to get details of the plot. Though the state government has not highlighted the exact list, applicants will have to supply the registration number, plot number and mutation details.

How to get the online registration done?

The Karnataka government has only announced the launch and features of the portal. It is still to officially announce the way the portal works. All interested applicants will have to click on the link to get to the portal. After this, the interested candidate has to select the service that he/she wants. Once the option has been clicked on, the site will be triggered to bring up the respective registration form. The applicant can fill in the form and then submit it with the click on a button. The enrollment request will be saved on the database of the Karnataka government.

Maintaining land records was rather tricky and time consuming. With the launch of the new Bhoomi portal, the state will be able to make the things less complicated. Access to other facilities will make the portal popular among the farmers and common people in general.

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