Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana Odisha 2021

Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana in Odisha 2019-20 [Application Form Online Download, Eligibility, New list, Check Status, Beneficiary List, Official Website, Toll free Number]

The Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana scheme has been launched by the state government of Odisha with its main objective being giving pucca houses to the rural households. With effective implementation of the scheme, the state government is trying to improve the conditions of houses of the poor people. The families can decide the size and layout of the houses that they will construct with the beneficiary amount given by the state government. However, after every stage of construction, the district collector has been appointed to look after the construction.  This is important to maintain as depending on the progress of the construction the families will be given the installments in the linked bank accounts.

Biju pakka Ghar Yojana

Biju pakka Ghar Yojana Odisha Full Details 

Name of the scheme isBiju pakka Ghar Yojana  
Scheme beneficiariesare the poor houses in the rural area living in kutcha houses  
Scheme has been launched inOdisha
Target To convert all kutcha house to concrete ones  
Type of houses to be builtPucca houses
Mode of housing loan creditAuto credit to the bank account
Minimum life of the pucca house 30 years
Official website of the scheme

What are the highlighting features of Biju pakka Ghar Yojana?

Aim of the scheme –

The Biju pakka Ghar Yojana will help in implementing permanent houses to poor and rural houses. All the kutcha houses will be converted to pucca houses in Odisha.

Beneficiaries for the scheme

The beneficiaries who can avail benefits of the scheme will be selected depending on the financial condition of the rural families. For this, the kutcha houses listed in the SECC 2011 survey will also be used.

Scheme benefits in the name of women

According to the rules of the scheme, the beneficiary amount for the housing unit will be sanctioned in the name of the female member in the household. However, no contractor or any third parties will be involved in the construction of the houses.

Fund transfer

The funds for the construction will be credited directly in the account of the women member of the family. It will be done through the online payment process.

Carpet area

The minimum carpet area required for the scheme is 25 square meters that should include hygienic cooking space. However, it will not include the toilet area.

What are the eligibility criteria of Biju pakka Ghar Yojana?

Should not have a pucca house

The households that wish to get the benefits of the scheme should not have any pucca houses. In addition, they should be included in the SECC 2011 list of the kutcha scheme. The households should not contract any pucca house at the time of getting the scheme benefits.

Residents of state

Only the residents of Odisha belong to the rural areas can avail the scheme benefits. Residents of other states cannot become part of the scheme.

Annual income

To get benefits for the above said scheme, the interested households living in kutcha houses have to produce their income details. It would be required to determine whether the household is suitable to get the benefits or not.

Details of documents required for Biju pakka Ghar Yojana

Identity proof –

For identity details, the candidate should provide Aadhaar card. This is one of the important documents required at the time of registration for the scheme.

Income certificate –

The income certificate would be required to ensure that the household is suitable to get the scheme benefits or not. Though, no such annual income limit has been set by the state government under this scheme.

Household details –

The households have to notify about whether they are living in pucca or kutcha houses. Also, they have to notify whether they are from the SEC 2011 list or not. In addition, if houses are damaged due to natural calamities, those households will also get scheme facilities.

Bank account details –

The bank account details such as name of the beneficiary, bank account number and others should be submitted at the time of registration. The bank account would be linked with the scheme so that the installments for construction of pucca houses can be credited in the name of the female member.

Application process for applying under Biju pakka Ghar Yojana

First, you have to visit the official website to get the application form. You have to fill up the form with relevant details and submit it. Make sure that you enter all details correctly.

  • During the application process, the households have to upload pictures of their kutcha house along with geo-tagged. This picture should be uploaded with the application form of the scheme.
  • Along with this, the beneficiary should upload relevant documents that are required during the application process. However, only after scrutiny of the stage of construction of the houses, the second and the fourth installment will be credited in the linked bank accounts.
  • During the fourth installment, a BPGY logo will be given on the wall of the newly constructed house. The logo shall contain other details as well.

However, the construction of the house should be completed within 12 months when the beneficiary has received the first installment.  

How does the selection procedure take place?

The scheme includes two components depending on which the houses will be selected to convert them into pucca houses. One is Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana normal, and the other one is special. Under the normal one, most of the victims are included to get benefits. But under the special one, victims whose houses are damaged in manmade or natural calamities such s flood, communal violence and others will get help under this scheme. 

How can beneficiaries search for the checklist?

  1. First, beneficiaries have to visit the official site of the scheme. For this, they have to click on Upon visiting the page, you have to select from four options that come up. You have to opt for the by-default option.
  2. Now, you have to enter your location details such as district name, block name, and panchayat name. Other than this, you have to select your category from the drop-down list such as ST, SC, and others.
  3. Following this steps, the candidate should ensure that they have provided correct details. So, they have to click on ‘submit’ option that would show the list of beneficiaries.

However, in this list, you can get a beneficiary name, district name, Awas Yojana Gramin ID, priority name, village, and other details are given. You can download the list if required. In addition, you can also take a print out of the list for future preferences.

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