New Welfare Schemes for Athletes and Artists in Manipur

New Welfare Schemes for Athletes and Artists in Manipur 2020 (Chief Minister’s Akhannaba Sanaroising gi Tengbang (CMAST) and Chief Minister Artist Sing gi Tengbang (CMAT)) 

A host of sports persons have come from the state of Manipur over the past decades. The rich culture and unique heritage of the state encourages several performing artists to contribute towards the development of respective art forms. The state government of this state has always encouraged athletes and artists with financial rewards and welfare schemes. The present Chief Minister of the state, N. Biren Singh has pointed out that his government will come up with new welfare scheme for members, falling under these two categories.

cm Akhannaba Sanaroising gi Tengbang Artist Sing gi Tengbang manipur

On the 15th of March, 2020, the Chief Minister announced two new welfare projects. One is to offer financial assistance to athletes, and the other is to provide similar perks for the artists. The names of these projects are Chief Minister’s Akhannaba Sanaroising gi Tengbang (CMAST) and Chief Minister Artist Sing gi Tengbang (CMAT) respectively. After the official announcement of this project, the Chief Minister pointed that the schemes will be implemented as soon as possible.

Chief Minister’s Akhannaba Sanaroising gi Tengbang or CMAST will offer job opportunities for those athletes who have secured medals in the national sporting events. The sports personalities, who have been selected to take part in any international sporting event, will also be considered eligible for this scheme. The beneficiaries will be given government jobs. It is a lucrative opportunity that will push the athletes to pay attention to their game. It is an impressive step that will provide encouragement to the sports persons, and also ensure that the state produces better athletes. The government jobs will provide financial security to the beneficiaries.

Apart from this, retired sports persons will attain pension from the state government. The Olympic participants and medal winners will obtain an additional financial reward of Rs. 1 crore. Apart from this, other financial perks have been announced, which will depend on the sporting category.

Chief Minister Artist Sing gi Tengbang or CMAT has been targeted towards the betterment of the members, who are associated with the performing art sectors. The Chief Minister of Manipur pointed out that 4000 artists will come under this welfare project, after its official implementation.

He also mentioned that the well-known artists will be achieving a lifetime financial assistance, as monthly pension from the state government. The age of such applicants must be 60 years or more. The Chief Minister said that special scholarships will be given to the students, who are pursuing courses in music and dance. Only those pupils, who have taken admission in the art institutes, which are run by the state government, will get this financial grant.

The government is interested in the overall development of all art forms. Thus, special funding packaged will be developed under this scheme. The funds will be given to the registered and reputed art schools and academies. The money will help in improving the infrastructure of these institutes. The faculty members will be able to train the students better. It will boost the quality of performing art in the state.

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