Application Form for Anyone who wants to return to Odisha after lock down Via (Air/Train/Road)

Anyone who wants to return to Odisha after lock down is over via any means(air/train/road) is required to register by filling up the form. Online Portal for Migrant worker Registration in Odisha (Online/Offline Form, Apply Now, helpline Number)

There are thousands of people who are locked down in different states, and they are the natives of Odisha. They have travelled to different states for purposes like study, business and the like. Due to this, the migrants need to register onto the portal. However, the registration will start after the lockdown period is over.

The transportation system is not available during this lockdown. So, the migrants could not travel back to their native place. So, the state government under the help of state CM Naveen Patnaik has come up with the idea of the portal launch. Only after the candidates register on the portal, they can avail the scheme benefits.

Launch details of the COVID-19 Odisha State Portal

Name of the portal

COVID-19 Odisha State Portal

Portal has been launched in


Portal has been launched by

Naveen Patnaik

Application procedure starts on

24th April 2020

Target beneficiaries for the portal

Native of Odisha who is stranded in other places

Portal launch will be supervised by

Odisha government

Helpline number


Portal has been launched on

24th April 2020

COVID-19 Odisha State Portal features

Bring back natives of Odisha

Law Minister Pratap Jena of Odisha commented that the portal launch aims the migrants who wish to go back to Odisha as they are stranded in different other states.

Date of implementation

The migrants can return to Odisha after lockdown restriction is withdrawn on 3rd May as said by state government.

Number of candidates

Odisha government is expecting that almost 5 lakhs candidates would return to their native place after withdrawal of lockdown.

Medical tracking of candidates

The migrants need to go for mandatory 14 day quarantine who are tested positive after returning to their native place.The project directors under district rural development authority of different districts have been assigned.

Number of medical facilities offered

The state government has come up with 7045 medical camps that have 2.22 lakhs bed setup. This would be done with the help of state-sponsored facilities to cope up with the spread of the pandemic.

Eligibility for applicants

Residents of Odisha

Only the legal and permanent residents of Odisha re eligible to get the benefits of the portal launch.


Any tourists who are stranded in other states and belong to Odisha can apply through the portal.


Any students who are native of Odisha and locked up in other regions can register through the portal.


If any professionals are living in other states but they are permanent residents of Odisha, they are allowed to return to Odisha after withdrawal of lockdown and apply through the portal to avail the benefits.

Migrant labors

Through the program launch, it is possible to gather information about the migrant labors that officially belong to Odisha.

Required Documents

Residential proof

As residential proof, the candidates need to furnish documents in support of claim that they are the natives of Odisha.

Professional documents

The professionals need to produce suitable professional certificate for registering under the portal.

Identification details

As identification proof, candidates have to show Aadhaar card and equivalent to justify their claim.

Admission certificate of students –

If any students are registering, they have to produce their institution certificate to justify the claim that they are the students.

How to get the application form and apply it through the portal?

Official website –

At the time of registration, candidates need to mention categories like students, professionals, migrant worker, and others. For this, they have to click on Link .

Starting registration process –

To start the registration, the candidates need to click on the ‘fill up registration form’ option on the homepage of portal.

Know the guidelines –

There is guidelines option available on the portal for easy access of the candidates. 

Access to online form –

Only after reading the guidelines, the candidate should click on the ‘proceed’ option. By this, they can start to fill up the form.

Fill up application form

Migrants need to provide information like name, gender, age, Aadhaar number, address details, number of family members with details and contact number at the time of registration.

Offline registration process

If any migrant is unable to register online, they can do it through filling up application form by mentioning the required details and submit the same in the panchayat office.The panchayat officers will do needful for registration via the portal.

However, state government will not allow migrants to travel back to Odisha without registering under the portal. The state government officials are trying to make necessary arrangements to help the natives of Odisha return to their states and fight with the outbreak of the pandemic.


Do the applicants need to pay any fee for the registration?

No! The stranded people, desirous of coming back to Odisha will be able to apply for this project free of cost.

Can an applicant bring his/her family members as well?

Yes! The family members of the applicant can travel back to Odisha. In that case, the applicant must mention the number of people, who will be accompanying him/her.

Who will arrange the vehicles for bringing back the stranded residents of Odisha?

The Chief Minister of Odisha has mentioned that the conveyance arrangement will be completed by the Odisha government.

How will the applicant know about the application status?

The Odisha state government will send an OTP to the registered mobile number of the applicants. Additionally, the details of transportation and quarantine facilities will be provided by the state government officials.

Is it mandatory for the applicants to provide the details of contact person, living in Odisha?

Yes! If the applicant fails to offer the details of the contact person, who lives in Odisha, then the request approval may be delayed. The state officials will stay in touch with the individual for verification.

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