Crop waiver loan Scheme in Karnataka 2022 | Raitara Sala Manna Scheme in Karnataka 2022

Crop waiver loan Scheme in Karnataka (CLWS) 2019-20 (Raitara Salamanna Scheme in Karnataka) [Eligibility Criteria, Check Name Online Farmer list, Application Form]

Karnataka state government has released the current budget of the state. Several schemes have come into being, but more stress has been given on looking after the wellbeing of the farmers. In this relation, a new farmer loan waiving scheme has been released under the initiative of the state government. Farmers who are indebted in loans can apply to get benefits under this scheme. 

Raitara Sala Manna Karnataka

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme


Farmers Crop Loan Waiver Scheme (CLWS) (Raitara Sala Manna Scheme)
Scheme launched in Karnataka
Scheme has been announced on 2018
Scheme has been launched by CM HD Kumaraswamy
Target beneficiaries Needy and poor agricultural workers
Online Portal Website

Key features of Farmers Loan Waiver Scheme

  • Improvement of farmers –The main aim of such a scheme is to look after the better condition of the farmers. They will get relief from the burden of loans that they have taken from banks.
  • Amount to be given – Certain amount has been decided by the state government of Karnataka that will be used for implementing the loan waiver scheme. The amount is near about rupees 2 lakhs as it will help to eliminate the burden of the agricultural laborers.
  • Encouragement for non-defaulters – Farmers who have never missed out loan installment will be given an amount of rupees 25,000 as a sign of encouragement. In case, a part of the loan is left to be paid, and it included among rupees 25,000, then the state authority will pay it on behalf of the farmer. In this way, the scheme will help to reduce the burden of the farmers.
  • Lower government expenditure – In order to make up for the burden of a loan of the poor farmers, the state authority has said that it will cut down unnecessary expenses for making the above-said scheme a successful one. This will be done since the scheme is an additional burden for the state government.
  • Increase excise duty – There will be a hike in the excise duty amounts due to loan waiver scheme. In this way, the collected additional amount will be given to the poor agricultural farmers.
  • State expenses – According to estimates, the state government will have to provide an amount of rupees 34,000 for the benefits of the scheme.
  • Increases in product cess – People have to pay an extra 9% as a tax for power consumption. Previously, this tax amount was 6%. For gathering funds for farmers and help them, rupees 1.12% per liter diesel and rupees 1.14 per liter petrol has been increased.
  • Total beneficiaries – As per records, it can be said that a total of 17.32 lakh agricultural workers will be benefitted from Raitara Sala Manna Scheme. Their entire credit will be waived off by the help of this scheme. In addition, 27.67 lakh agricultural laborers will get near about rupees 25,000 with which they can return their loan installments.
  • Amount to be paid to bank – For effective implementation of the loan waiver scheme and help the farmers, the state government will give an amount of rupees 34,000 crores to the link banks.
  • Budget of the scheme – The state government has announced an amount of rupees 6,500 crores which can be used for waiving the loan taken by the farmers. This will help the farmers.
  • Loan waiver certificate – Selected farmers will get loan waiver certificate after they avail the benefits under Crop Loan Waiver scheme. This has been announced by the state government.

What is the eligibility of crop loan waiver scheme?

  1. Residential proof – The benefits of the scheme will be given only to farmers who belong from the state of Karnataka. Only the legal and permanent residents are allowed to apply for this scheme.
  2. Credit application details – The applicants who have taken the credit from 1/04/2009 to 31/12/2017 will be able to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  3. Loan limit of the scheme – Farmers who have taken credit loan less than rupees 2 lakhs will be able to get the benefits of the scheme.
  4. Beneficiaries of scheme – Only the poor farmers are included to get benefits of the scheme. Further, they will be allowed to enroll for the scheme.
  5. Non-payment of income tax – If the farmers have not paid any taxes in the past three months, they cannot be part of the scheme and get its benefits.
  6. Loan taken from cooperative and government banks – Loans taken only from nationalized and cooperative banks will be able to avail the benefits by the scheme. Farmers who have taken the loan from other financial institutes will not be allowed to get the benefits.
  7. Not eligible for cooperative employees –In case any member of the farmer’s family is working in the cooperative sector, they will not be allowed to apply under this scheme.
  8. Elected representatives are not allowed – If the individual is an elected representative, the person cannot get the scheme benefits.
  9. Property or jewelry loan – Farmers who have taken the loan for purchasing agricultural products will only be allowed to get benefits under the scheme. For others who have opted for loan relating to property or jewelry loan will not be allowed.
  10. Scheme not meant for government employees – Farmer will not be able to avail the benefits of the scheme if any member of their family works in a government office.

What are the documents required for applying under Crop loan waiver scheme?

It is mandatory to provide important documents when applying for this scheme. The documents will be checked for authentication of the applicant.  

  1. Residential documents – The loan waiver scheme is only applicable for the farmers who belong from the state of Karnataka, the residential proof should be introduced at the time of applying for this scheme. This will help to ensure that the farmer is a legal resident of the particular state.
  2. Aadhaar card – For identification of the farmer, identification details are required by the farmers. They can provide Aadhaar card, ration card, voter ID and the like as proof of identification. They will be checked by the state authority when the farmers are trying to apply under this scheme.
  3. Credit card details – Due to credit limit related to this scheme as has been stated by the government, farmers have to submit copies of their credit-related papers.
  4. Bank account details – Since the waiving amount relating to the loan will be credited to the bank account of the farmers, the same needs to be linked and they have to give the account details to get the amount credited directly in their account.
  5. Registration documents of farmers– Documents should be submitted that will ensure that the individual is linked to farming. In addition, they also need to prove that farming is their sole occupation.

Online application form for Crop loan waiver scheme Karnataka

No such application process has been detailed by the state government relating to this scheme. As soon as the information comes out, the applicants will be the first one to know about it. The application process will also depend on the procedure of enrollment under this scheme. However, the state authority will take the responsibility to update people with the necessary information of this scheme.

Check Name beneficiary list relating to Crop loan waiver scheme

The farmer loan waiver scheme has been implemented by the state that aims for the betterment of the farmers. After the implementation, the state government has given out the list of beneficiaries who can opt for the benefits under this scheme. Some of the steps to check beneficiary list as mentioned in the following part of the article.

  1. To get access to the official portal related to the scheme, the applicants have to visit the
  2. As soon as the home page shows up, applicants will be able to access several options. From here only, the applicants get the option of ‘services for citizens.’
  3. From this page, the applicants will be able to get three options that will; further help them to get access to the beneficiary list. The options are ‘Individual Loanee Report,’ ‘Citizen Payment Certificate for banks,’ and ‘Citizen Payment Certificate for PACS.’
  4. To get the individual loan repayment section, candidates have to click on http://clws.karnataka link.
  5. The link will provide details relating to commercial banks, repayment rules, and the credit system relating to this scheme. To get printed format of the application, you have to click on the ‘print’ option.
  6. To get payment certificate for the PACS section, the applicant has to click on
  7. The list of agricultural workers opted for loans for commercial banks will be announced in the official website of the scheme.
  8. With the help of Aadhaar codes, the applicants will be able to access details like name and credit details. Other than the Aadhaar card, the applicants can also use the ration card to get the details.
  9. To get details about payment certificate, the applicants have to click on the right link which is available.
  10. Following this, the applicant will be able to have access to payment documents related to the scheme.
  11. To get details, the candidates can use FSD code, Aadhaar card or ration card.
  12. The applicants will have to click on the portal relating to this scheme so that they can get access to various services of this scheme.
  13. As the beneficiaries log in to / link, they will be able to check other advantages as well. For any other related information, the applicants can check the portal relating to this scheme.

The Karnataka government has taken up the responsibility betterment of the condition of the farmers. This will reduce the burden of the farmers to repay the loan. The state authority will waive off the scheme and for the same the government has given financial help.

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