DDA Housing Scheme Latest News 2020

DDA Housing Scheme 2020 Latest News for 5,000 Flats in Jasola, Dwarka & Narela Regions

Delhi Development Authority has come up with DDA Housing Scheme 2020 that is meant for Narela, Jasola, and Dwarka regions. Under this, 5000 flats will be given from May to June 2020 in the mentioned locations. One of the striking features of the scheme is that there will be nearly 1000 luxury flats in the Dwarka region. To get the flats, the homebuyers have to opt for an online application under the entitled scheme. The online registration can be done by filling up a form from the dda.org.in portal.

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Under the DDA Housing Scheme 2020, 5000 houses will be given to home buyers belonging to categories like the lower-income people, medium-income groups, and the high-income families. The houses in the Dwarka location will be big. Also, one block will have the opportunities for luxury penthouses. So, the interested homebuyers can look for the details of the scheme through the online portal

DDA Housing Scheme Latest News 2020 for 5,000 Houses

DDA has decided to launch 5000 flats under Housing Scheme between June and May in 2020. The main features of the scheme are that it will offer 1000 houses in different Dwarka regions. As of now, there are almost 60 000 houses to be constructed in Delhi. It is further said that the home will be constructed within a few months. The home scheme will cover up almost 5000 houses. 

In relation to this, Delhi Development authority will offer housing facilities for HIG, MIG and LIG for people belonging to different categories. The scheme will not be limited to only penthouses that include houses of different sizes. The total number of houses under construction is 60, 000 out of which 55000 houses are of 2 BHK or less measurement. 

The flats that are constructed in the Dwarka region are big. Also, the same colony will have units of the same size. It is further known that under the above-said scheme, some of the homebuyers have surrendered flats that are located in the Narela region. The main reasons for this are that the flats have improper transport with inadequate infrastructure benefits in the region.  

Through successful implementation of the scheme, it can be expected to improve the condition of the commute along with other facilities that are available in a particular region. However, the units that are getting ready under the scheme will have 1000 luxury flats, 14 penthouses, 170 super-HIG flats along with 900 HIG units. Also, the two-tier penthouses that are located in the Dwarka region will come with four bedrooms and terrace gardens. On the other hand, the rest of the flats in the region will be of small size.

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