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Registration for construction workers in Delhi at [Eligibility Criteria, Documents, List]

It is needless to say that lockdown has affected the country’s economy to a large extent. And because of that people who work against daily wage they were affected by it the most. Among those the construction workers are affected in Delhi and many of them set off for their village by foot. This is the reason the Delhi government came up with the new step by providing them financial help to each construction worker during the on-going lockdown. The article is going to discuss about it in detail.

Registration details

Name of the stepConstruction workers registration form
Provided byGovernment of NCT of Delhi
Target peopleConstruction workers of Delhi

Key features of the step

  • Objective of the step- the government of Delhi wants to provide COVID-19 relief to the construction workers of the state.
  • Type of help- the e-District portal was launched to provide financial help to the people who work at the construction sites.
  • Second time registration- the people who have not been able to register they can re-register for the facility on the portal.
  • Death of beneficiary- If at any circumstances the beneficiary dies then the financial aid will be given to the nominee.
  • Amount of the relief- According to the government, the amount of the financial aid is 5000 rupees per worker.

Criteria for the registration

  • Construction workers- The candidate has to be a construction worker to register for the relief
  • Delhi construction workers- The worker has to work at Delhi at any construction site to be eligible.
  • Bank account- As the money will be transferred to the bank account so the candidate needs to have a bank account.
  • Registered worker- The candidate has to be a registered worker at the construction site.

Documents required

All the documents that are given below are mandatory for registration-

  • Identification proof- In order to register to the scheme the candidates need to provide identification proof
  • Aadhar card- For each candidate Aadhar is mandatory to register for the financial help.
  • Date of birth proof- In order to get the aid you need to submit the proof of your date of birth. And for that Aadhar or voter will be acceptable.
  • Address proof- In order to provide address proof you need to provide the voter card to the authority.
  • Bank account details- In order to register for the aid you need to provide the bank account details to the authority.
  • Employee certificate- According to the rules, the candidate needs to submit employment certificate.
  • Photographs- to complete the registration you need to submit two recent photographs.

How to register for the aid?

  • In order to get the financial aid the construction workers need to register on the e-District portal. If you are an already registered candidate then you need to login to complete the process. The steps related to registration are given below.
  • Visiting the site- You need to go to the official site of e-District and the link is already given above.
  • Home page- Once you click on the link you will be directed to the home page. If you are new then you need to click on ‘New User’.
  • Selection- You need to select the document type and then you need to provide the document number to proceed with the process.
  • Registration form- After that you will get a registration form and you need to fill the form with appropriate information.
  • Uploading the documents- You need to upload the documents as well to complete the registration. Lastly, you need to enter the captcha code to continue.
  • Entering access code- Once you have done that an access code will be sent to your mobile and you need to enter the code on the site.
  • Complete registration- Once you enter that you need to click on complete to finish the registration process.
  • Saving the details- After finishing the registration you will see that a detail of registration will appear and you need to save it for future.
  • Details on main- You will receive user id and pass word via mail or sent directly to the registered number.

So, it can be said that the Government of NCT of Delhi is trying to help the 40,000 construction workers who are registered under the commendable financial aid. The registration process is very easy. The portal is user friendly and no one will face trouble registering at the portal. The registration process is direct so no middle man is there and registered people will get aid to survive during the crisis. It is the only way to continue with the lockdown and maintain a healthy being.


I am a non registered construction worker of Delhi so will I get benefit?

No, you need to register your name to get the benefit of the recently taken step.

What is the mode for registration?

The mode is online and the site is .

How much money will be given?

The amount of the money is 5000 per construction worker.

Is Aadhar card mandatory?

Yes, without Aadhar card one cannot register for the benefit.

How can I check the status of registration?

Once you have done the registration you will get the link on home page to check the status of the application. Or you can send SMS writing EDISTDL at 7738299899.

I do not have the entire documents can I register?

No, without any of the documents your application will be rejected.

I made a mistake while filling the form can I correct it?

No, once the application is submitted no edit is possible.

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