Coronavirus Update – Delhi Govt doubled pension amount to Widow, Elderly People and Disabled

Coronavirus Update – Delhi Govt doubled pension amount to Widow, Elderly People and Disabled

Like other countries, India is suffering from the spread of Coronavirus disease. Each day, new cases are coming under the radar. The government and private hospitals are trying to offer the best treatment to the infected patients. However, the lack of a definitive antidote is making matters worse.

While the scientists race against the clock to come up with a new medicine that can cure the disease, the central government is taking the precautionary measures. The government is hopeful that these strategies will keep community contamination within check. The Delhi government has taken an important decision that will ensure food security to the poor people.

delhi pension doubled eldery person widow

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal announced on the 21st of March, 2020, that revisions have been made in the ration distribution system. As construction and various other occupational sectors will be closed down, it will make matters worse for labors and daily wage earners.

Though Delhi government has not yet decided anything about implementing a lockdown, the Chief Minister will take the step if the circumstance demands. The Chief Minister said that the primary responsibility of his government is to make sure that poor people do not go to bed on an empty stomach. A comprehensive measure was necessary to offer food security to the needy.

In this line, the Delhi CM suggested that from next month, the ration card holders, and people belonging to the BPL and EWS categories will obtain additional 50% food grains from the ration shops. Apart from food products, same rule will be applicable on fuel that is allocated for every ration card holding individual.

The Chief Minister highlighted that the state government will offer this facility to as many as 72 lakh registered Delhi inhabitants. Along with this, he stated that the authority will not allow any public group activity that consists of more than five people.

During the ‘Janata curfew’ that will be imposed on Sunday, 22nd March 2020, the state government will operate 50% public buses. Apart from the food security announcement, Delhi Chief Minister also highlighted that the widow pension, given to the aged females, will be doubled. It will provide financial security to the beneficiaries.

The Delhi government has also decided not to collect any goods and services tax. It will prevent the uncontrolled price rise in the market. It is mandatory to ensure affordability of items during the times of crisis.

The Delhi Health Department has announced that the number of coronavirus positive cases within the area is 20. Only one person has died of this disease in Delhi so far. The state authority will go to any lengths to ensure the betterment of the common residents of Delhi.

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