Dhanwantari Scheme in Assam 2021 [Free Medicines]

Dhanwantari Scheme in Assam 2020-21 Free Medicines [How to Apply, Registration Form, Eligibility, Documents List, Helpline Number, Portal] Coronavirus pandemic lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the state governments to opt for complete lockdown. It has slowed down the supply of essential commodities. Medicine is another important commodity that most people require regularly. Patients, suffering from blood sugar, high blood pressure, kidney issues and psychiatric ailments, must take medicines every day. However, there is scarcity of essential pharmaceutical drugs in the market as the transport system has been hit by the lockdown. Many people are not getting necessary medicines in the local stores. To assist such people, the Assam government has launched the Dhanwantari Scheme. Under this scheme, the common people will be able to call on the helplines, and odder the necessary pharmaceutical drugs. Some of the medicines will be provided free of cost. If you want to acquire more details about the various aspects of this scheme, then read the following article now. 

Dhanwantari Scheme in Assam 2020-21

Name of the schemeDhanwantari Scheme
Launched inAssam
Launched bySarbananda Sonowal
Announced byHimanta Biswa Sarma
Date of announcementApril 2020
Date of implementationSoon
Helpline number104
Official portalhttps://tinyurl.com/y9w9vwln
Target beneficiariesCommon people of the state
Supervised byGovernment of Assam

Dhanwantari Scheme Key features

Ensuring health of commoners

The Assam government wants to start this project as soon as possible. Access to necessary medicines will boost the health of aged and sickly individuals.

Smooth supply of medicines

The implementation of the scheme will enable the people to order medicines and get them delivered to their homes. Thus, they need not worry about breaking the lockdown guidelines. The scheme will also pave the path for smooth distribution of life-saving medicines.

Free medicines

The health department of Assam has already created a list of medicines, which do not cost much. These drugs will be delivered to the homes of common people free of cost.

Chargeable medicines

The official press releases states that if the cost of any medicine is more than Rs. 200, then the person must pay the charges.

Assistance of volunteers

The state government officials have pointed out that the responsibility of delivering the medicines will be given to the ASHA and ANM workers. The local civic volunteers will also be roped in for the task

Delivery timings

 If the medicine is available in the neighboring areas, then the applicant will get the drugs within 24 hours. in case the medicines are available in the main cities, the delivery time may extend to 48 hours. If a specific drug needs to be imported from a neighboring state, then the delivery will be completed within 7 days.

Eligibility for application

Residents of Assam

The facility will be available to the common people of Assam, during the lockdown tenure.

For people needing medicines

The home delivery of medicines will be done in areas, where there is inadequate supply of pharmaceutical drugs. 

Documents necessary for application

Address documents

 The applicant needs to show a document to the home delivery executive to ensure that he/she has placed the order for the medicines.

Aadhar card

The applicant must produce the Aadhar Card, while receiving the delivery.


If any person asks for specific medicines, then he/she must produce proper prescription.

How to apply for home delivery of medicines

  • If any person wants to order the medicines, then he/she must click on the authorized application portal. To get to this page, the applicant must click on the link.
  • On the homepage, the applicant can click on the specific link and the Dhanwantari Scheme application form will open.
  • The applicant must type in the mane of the patient and the necessary medicines. Additionally, he must type in the address and the contact details. He/she must mention the landmark so that the delivery executive can locate the address.
  • After this, the candidate must click on the button that is marked as “Submit.”

Application through helpline number

If any individual is not comfortable with the online application mode, then he/she can book medicines through the helpline that has been launched by the scheme. The resident can call on the number 104, and give the details of the medicines that he/she requires. The information, along with the address and contact details of the person will be forwarded to the volunteers. They will acquire the medicines, and deliver the drugs to the applicants’ homes.

The lockdown has not only affected the financial stability of the people, living in Assam. Common people have to worry about the availability of essential commodities. However, a large percentage of the population, need medicines on a regular basis. If they do not get these prescription drugs, then it can impact their health. In the present pandemic conditions, it will worsen the situation for the individuals. The idea of delivering medicines to the homes of needy people will keep them in shape.

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