Delhi Govt to start Doorstep Ration Delivery Scheme soon

Delhi Govt to start Doorstep Ration Delivery Scheme soon

The Delhi government had made several announcements, which were directed towards the betterment of the common people before the election. The people stood fast beside the AAP government. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has announced that the government will implement the promised schemes one by one.

One of the popular schemes, that was announced before the election was the home delivery of ration to the eligible beneficiaries. Official reports shed light on the fact that around 17 lakh people possess ration cards, and are eligible to get food grains and cooking fuel at subsidized rates. It offers food security to the people in Delhi.


On the 19th of February, 2020, the Chief Minister officially announced the implementation of the scheme. The ration card holders, residing in Delhi will no longer have to line up in front of the ration shops to collect the items. The ration will be delivered to the homes of the beneficiaries. The government will not charge any addition fee from the beneficiaries for this service.

Imran Hussain is the Food Minister of Delhi. He mentioned that the government officials are working diligently to pave the path for the sound and speedy implementation of this scheme. The strategy selection must be such that the eligible beneficiaries acquire the perks without any hindrance. Proper drafting of the scheme action plan will eliminate these issues.

It has been highlighted that the beneficiaries will get sealed packets of ration. The Delhi government came up with this scheme to put a stopper to the unfair practices of ration shop owners. The beneficiaries will get the ration, delivered to their homes every month, even if the stores are closed.

However, the implementation of the scheme was delayed as the Delhi government failed to acquire the green signal from the LG. Now, the matter has been resolved, and the Delhi government is gearing up for the implementation of the scheme.

The Chief Minister said that aged and physically challenged people will be benefitted immensely when the scheme will be finally implemented. The project will also offer maximum food security to the needy people. The program will transform the PDS of food in Delhi. It will also offer more transparency, and eliminate corruption.

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