Kerala Earn While You Learn Scheme – Govt. to Prepare Students Database for Work As You Study

Kerala government planning to launch Earn While You Learn Scheme 2020-21

The Earn While You Learn Scheme 2020-21 is going to be launched by Kerala government aiming students of the state. As per the rules of the scheme, the students will be given the opportunity to earn for 90 days while they are learning. Depending on the decision of the Kerala government, only the students belonging to the age group of 18 to 25 years are eligible to enjoy the scheme benefits. In this, students can get engaged only in part-time work. Working while studying is part of CM’s development program of the state.

Earn While You Learn Scheme Kerala

With the above-said scheme, the state government will come up with an effective plan for the students. In this, the interested students are eligible to work under different government departments to earn money for livelihood. However, the main motive behind the launch of the scheme is to encourage the students to earn while learn and helping them understand the importance of becoming self-dependent in life. Thus, the state government has taken the initiative to prepare a database of students who are interested to become part of the scheme and work for earning.

Other relevant details of Kerala Earn While You Learn Scheme 2020-21

As per the guidelines of the scheme, only the college students are eligible to get the benefits. In this relation, institutes or companies that offer employment for more than 5 students for 6 months will be given ‘Supporting Youth Employability in the State’ certificate. In addition to this, 15% of the salary amount would be used to give a stipend to the students who are eligible to get benefits from the scheme.

The students can opt for jobs at different levels to earn money through this scheme. They can get jobs in different government local bodies, self-government offices, public and private enterprises and the like. The students can be employed for a maximum of 3 months in one year. The state government will come up with a separate database that will contain the information of the students taking part in the scheme. However, the database of students will also be available through the mobile application.

Through the scheme rules, it will be easy for the departments to complete their pending tasks. For this, the state government has asked the colleges to change the college timings from 8 AM to 1.30 PM. Soon after discussion with the college teachers, the final decision about the time change and other changes will be declared by the state government for the benefit of the students.

As the students will be working on a part-time basis, studies will not be hampered. But the state government is yet to mention the level of the students who can opt for the benefits of the above-said scheme. Other than offices, establishments and agencies will also be allowed to deploy the scheme programs. In this regard, the Department of Labor and Skills will be helping to create job opportunities in relation to the scheme.   

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