Employment Exchange Uttarakhand Registration 2021

Employment Exchange Uttarakhand 2020 Online Registration Form, Renewal, Eligibility Criteria,  Rojgar mela

The Uttarakhand Employment Department is progressing and coming up with plenty of job opportunities. The major employment decisions are taken by this department and helping the unemployed of the state. It also helps in creating new job opportunities, creating job opportunities, training facilities, and job-related vacancies. As of now, 25 employment exchanges are operating in the state. The employment exchange comprises in collaboration with the division employment exchange, scheduled caste cell, town employment exchange, university employment information, and others. Read on to know more about how the employment exchange operates and the registration process takes place. 

Employment Exchange Uttarakhand registration

Launch details of the registration process

Purpose of the portal launch is toHelp youths search for the desired job
Official Portal http://rojgar.uk.gov.in/
State government has announcedRegistration details and procedure for renewal of the process.
The portal has been launched by Uttarakhand state government to help youths of the state
Services offered by employment exchange Help youths prepare for a career and provide adequate job-related training

 What are the eligibility criteria of the registration process?

  • Residential proof – Job seekers should be a permanent member of Uttarakhand in order to register under employment exchange. Candidates from other states will not be able to register under the employment exchange of the above-said state.
  • Education criteria – There is certain educational limitation announced by the state government for the job aspirants who are planning to register under employment exchange. If the candidate has discontinued their study, they may not be applicable to apply for the registration.
  • Age limit – Certain age limit has been set by the state government under which the aspirants will not be allowed to register under the employment exchange to get jobs.

What are the documents required for the renewal process?

  • Personal documents– The job seekers have to submit personal documents such as Aadhaar card, voter ID card or ration card.
  • Educational documents – The interested candidates have to submit proof of their educational qualification that would be required for educational background check. However, they can also produce a Certificate of Education in the State to support the claim.
  • Residential documents – Residential proof documents should also be given to the higher authority would run a background check to ensure that the candidate only belongs to the state of Kerala and he or she is eligible to get benefits under the scheme. Candidates can also produce proof of job in the state of any of their parents.

However, the candidate can also produce a letter from a gazette officer or school head that can be given both as educational and residential proof.

How to apply for registration?

Applying under employment exchange might seem to be difficult when you are applying for the first time. But by following some simple steps, you can easily apply for a job. Some easy steps are mentioned in the following part of the article.

  1. First, candidates have to open the link that would take them to the official website of the employment exchange http://rojgar.uk.gov.in/ operated by state government.
  2. On the top of the homepage, some options are available, and they have to click the one depending on their requirement. The options available are downloading the registration form, new job seeker, new VG seeker, and new employer.
  3. For the new candidates, they have to click on ‘new job seeker’ option. After clicking on it, a new window will pop up. From the drop-down list that shows up, they have to select the state district name and exchange office and click on ‘next’ option.
  4. After this, they have to fill up the form by entering the correct details and include a certificate as necessary. In addition, they also have to upload documents like scanned photos according to the given size of the file. After this, they have to click on the ‘next’ option.
  5. Following these steps, the acknowledgement slip is formed, and after this, they have to click on the proceed option.
  6. In this step, the candidate would be asked to fill in their qualification details correctly. After entering each detail, they have to click on the ‘add’ button and click on ‘next’ option.
  7. After the qualification details, the candidates have to fill in their experience details if any. Here again, they have to click on the ‘next’ button after filling the details. Before proceeding, they have to click on the ‘save’ option.
  8. The candidates have to select the language in which they wish to get the application form and click on the next button to proceed with the application procedure.
  9. After filling all details, the candidate can take a print out of the application and preserve it for future use. After completion of filling the form, candidates get the option to edit the application for any information that they have entered incorrectly.

What is the renewal process?

The candidates who wish to renew their registration under employment exchange have to do so within a period of three years. The renewal process is available every three years. In case the candidate fails to opt for the renewal within the stipulated time, their name will be removed from the employment list in state employment exchange. Some of the steps of renewal of registration are mentioned below.

  • Candidate can opt for renewal through the link given in the online portal of employment exchange. After visiting the link, the candidate has to click on the ‘renewal process’ link given. To get hands on the link candidate has to login to the website using user ID and password given during the original registration.
  • In case the candidate wishes to change any of the details entered before, they can do so by clicking on the application edit option. Make sure that they enter the correct information.
  • If the candidate wishes to update their educational qualification and job experience details, they can do so by editing each of the required sections.

Therefore, as soon as the card is renewed, the candidate can start to enjoy the perks offered the state government and apply for the job of their choice via the portal. 

However, the employment exchange is providing assistance to both the job seekers and employers. This way, the condition of employment can be improved in the state. Also, the employers will be able to get qualified candidates and provide them adequate required training. In this way, the rate of unemployed can be reduced in the state.  

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