Tamil Nadu Free Country Chicken Scheme 2021

Free Country Chicken Scheme 2020 To Promote Poultry In Tamil Nadu [Eligibility, Form, Documents] 

In India, business is mainly looked after and operated by the male members of the family. But this does not mean that women are less capable of running any venture. Poultry farming is one such venture that will rope in high revenue at low capital investments. For making rural women self-dependent in financial matters, the Tamil Nadu state government has finally launched the long-awaited Free Country Chicken Scheme. This project will bring a massive increase in the poultry farming and women entrepreneurship. Schemes like these offer employment openings as well as boost to every woman’s self-confidence.

Free Country Chicken Scheme In Tamil Nadu
Name of the schemeFree Country Chicken Scheme
Launched inTamil Nadu
Launched byEdappadi K Palaniswami
Original date of announcementJune 2018
Re-launch dateJanuary 2019
Target beneficiariesRural women
Supervised byTamil Nadu Animal Husbandry Department
TargetDistribute 50 country chicken breed to rural women  

Key features of the scheme

  1. Women empowerment – Women will not attain proper empowerment if they cannot earn their own money. Thus, taking necessary steps to offer business opportunities for women is a must. With this project, the Tamil Nadu government will create small scale business opportunities for them.
  2. Boost to poultry farming – As the entire scheme hinges on raising roosters and chickens, it will offer a direct boost to the poultry farming sector.
  3. Chicken breeds available – The scheme draft highlights that the state authority will offer as many as 50 country chicken varieties. These breeds will ensure the availability of good meat and eggs in the market.
  4. Total number of beneficiaries – The state authority suggested that with the successful implementation of this developmental project, 77,000 female candidates, living in remote and rural parts of Tamil Nadu will be directly benefitted.
  5. Implementation area – It has also been mentioned in the draft of the scheme that this project will be implemented in all parts of the state. But the area of Chennai will be exempted from the implementation activities.
  6. Associated items promised – Apart from pertinent information about running the backyard poultry business, the state will also provide each applicant with some necessary items. Every candidate will attain roosters, which are 4 weeks old. They will also receive hens. For adequate protection of these animals and eggs, the state government will also provide applicants with cages.
  7. No fee charged – Interested and eligible applicants will not have to worry about paying any money to get the roosters, hens, and cages. All these items will be provided by the Tamil Nadu government free of cost.
  8. Total budget for successful implementation – The Tamil Nadu government officials have suggested that it will have to shell out as much as Rs. 25 crore for the overall development and successful implementation of the project.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residential criterion – The entire cost of implementing this project, and monitoring it will be done by the Tamil Nadu government. Thus, all applicants must be legal residents of this area. If they don’t possess the residential proof, then they will be barred from getting the advantages.
  2. For women only – The scheme has been designed for the women empowerment program. Thus, only eligible and interested women must apply to start their backyard poultry farm.
  3. Rural applicants only – The implementation of this project will be done only in villages. It will give women living in these areas, an opportunity to a small-scale business venture.
  4. Personal ID proof – All interested applicants will have to submit their personal identification documents along with the other papers. The voter card and the Aadhar card photocopies will come in handy to make necessary background checks.

How to apply and get the registration form?

The scheme has been targeted towards instilling confidence in rural women and helps them to start some business on a small scale. Backyard chicken farming does not require much capital and the revenue is lucrative. But the scheme has only been launched in the beginning of the month. The Tamil Nadu government has not announced anything about the actual registration procedure. It can be assumed that there will be an offline application procedure, and interested women need to get in touch with their nearest Panchayat officers. Once the authority comes out with registration related details, you will get it on this site. Offline enrolment will make it easy for uneducated women, living in villages, to apply and get the benefits.

Both men and women must play their part in the financial progress of the society. With the implementation of this scheme, the state government will ensure that village women use available resources and build something economically constructive out of it. Starting a poultry farm is neither labor nor capital intensive. Taking care of the roosters and chickens is rather easy. Thus, women, living in villages and rural areas will be able to utilize their skills and free time to develop a lucrative business venture at home.


What is the main objective of launching the scheme?

The main purpose is to help rural women of Tamil Nadu become self-reliant in case of financial matters. In case, there will be an increase in the condition of poultry farming of the state. Also, schemes like this can create more number of employment opportunities for the poor of the scheme.

How many beneficiaries are included in the scheme?

A total of 77,000 female candidates living in the rural and remote part of Tamil Nadu will be benefitted from the scheme.

Which department will supervise the scheme?

 The scheme will be supervised by Tamil Nadu Animal Husbandry Department.

Who has launched the scheme?

Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi K Palaniswami has launched the scheme. 

What is the date of the re-launch of the scheme?

The re-launch date of the scheme is January 2019.

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