Free Ration Medicine Scheme Transgenders Telangana 2021

Free Ration and Medicine Scheme for Transgenders in Telangana 2020-21 How To Apply, Registration Form. Eligibility, Documents, Ration Card, ID

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of the rich and the poor alike. The developed nations have also failed to prevent the death toll from going up. The Indian central and state governments are coming up with new schemes for providing relief to the poor people. However, not much has been done for the people who belong to the transgender community. They are in dire need of financial assistance. In this regards, a petition has been filed in the Telangana High Count. The Free Ration and Medicine Scheme for Transgender aims to offer both financial and social security to in these trying times.

Free Ration and Medicine Scheme for Transgenders in Telangana

Name of the schemeFree Ration and Medicine Scheme for Transgenders
Launched inTelangana
Declared byTelangana High Court
Date of announcement27th April 2020
Report presentation8th may 2020
Target beneficiariesTransgender in the state
Supervised byGovernment of Telangana

Key features of the scheme

Free ration supply

As per the guidelines, the transgender individuals will be entitled to receive free ration from the fair price shops for free.

Free medicine supply

It will be the responsibility of the state government to see that these people get a continuous supply of essential medicines, free of cost.

No demand for ration card

 The supply of ration and other commodities will be given to those transgender individual who do not possess any ration card.

Pension assurance

The report also insists that the state government must provide these people a substantial pension. The pension for three months must be deposited in the beneficiary account in a single installment.

Free LPG cylinder

The report highlights that the members of the transgender community must get free LPG cylinder under the Aasara Scheme.

Eligibility for the applicants

Residents of the state

If an individual desires to obtain the perks of this project, then the person must be a transgender.

Must be a transgender

The scheme will only allow the participation of those who fall in the transgender category.

Must be financially weak

Stress will be given on those applicants who belong to the financially weak categories.

Must have a bank account

The financial grant transfers will be done through the bank. Thus, the applicant must have access to a bank account.

Documents necessary for application

Residential proof

If the transgender persons want to become a beneficiary of this scheme, they must possess the legal residential proof documents, issued by Telangana government.

Financial background certificate

Only those transgender members, who possess BPL and LIG certificates, will be able to obtain the benefits of this project.

Transgender certificate

If an applicant desires to attain the perks of this project, then the person must produce the transgender certificate.

Bank account details

As the transfer of pension for the members of this community will be done via DTB, it is pertinent that the applicant offers the bank account details.

How to Apply

The scheme is yet to be implemented by the state government. In an official press release, the features of this scheme have been highlighted. Nothing has been mentioned about the application process of this project. Once the state government makes an official statement about the enrollment and selection of the beneficiaries, you will get the updated information on our portal.

Implementation of the scheme

The court hearing also highlights that it is impossible for the transgender community members to go out during the lockdown. They do not have access to the essential commodities and medicines. The Telangana High Count said that the state government must join hands with the NGOs and create a task force. The members of this task force will reach out to the members of this community, and distribute the necessary commodities and pharmaceutical drugs.

Gone are the days when the society shunned the people belonging to the transgender community. The highest court in the nation has already stated that these people must not be denied their rights, which the Indian Constitution highlights. After the final hearing, the state government will have to take the necessary measures to provide the various benefits, mentioned in the petition.

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