New Sports Scheme launch in Maharashtra – Go Girl Go Scheme

Maharashtra Go Girl Go Scheme 2020-21 For Youths [Khelo India Games]

Medical professionals opine that every individual must take the necessary measures to ensure maintenance of physical health and fitness. It can extend life expectancy, and keep ailments at bay. Thus, parents must encourage their children to take part in sporting events. However, the lack of proper infrastructure for the development of sports in the country is an issue. The central as well as the respective state governments are taking the pertinent steps to develop sports in India. The state government of Maharashtra is also walking on the same path. The current Chief Minister has announced the launch of the Go Girl Go Scheme in the state.

Go Girl Go Scheme in Maharashtra

The Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray attended a sport felicitation event, organized on the 22nd February, 2020. The Khelo India Khelo Campaign, which was held at Guwahati this year, has recently concluded. The athletes, which represented and won medals for Maharashtra, were honored by the state government. Before the distribution of the awards, the Chief Minister provided the details of the Go Girl Go Scheme.

He pointed out that the lack of sporting activities discourages students from pursuing this field. He also highlighted that the sports infrastructure needs to be developed significantly. The implementation of the Go Girl Go Scheme will be a comprehensive step in this direction. The scheme is targeted towards those female athletes, who desire to make a mark in the sporting arena.

The implementation of this scheme will take place in the urban as well as the rural areas at the same time. It is the responsibility of Department of Sports and Youth Services to look after the implementation, monitoring and development of this scheme. Reports suggest that after implementation; around 11 million female enthusiasts will become beneficiaries of this project.

The aim of the Maharashtra government is not only to develop the sporting infrastructure. The Chief Minister wants to provide the interested candidates an opportunity to pursue their sporting dreams. The percentage of women athletes, as compared to men sports starts, is low. The state government wants to eliminate this difference. Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will be groomed and trained by the experts. Adequate coaching will enhance their skills. Thus, these candidates will be able to represent the state/country in the national and international sporting events. Sound training will also enable them to win medals at these competitions.

Another aspect of this scheme is to make the female sport enthusiasts aware of the importance of physical health and fitness. Partaking in regular sports will improve their body stamina. It will not only strengthen the internal immune system, but will restore the external body. Apart from sports training, the scheme will offer the beneficiaries access to nutritional food. The experts will guide them to maintain a proper diet. Exercise, training, diet and injury management will make these young female students ready for major sporting events. The Chief Minister also said that special camps will be organized in the villages and remote areas to detect talented candidates, and polish their skills.

After the announcement, the Chief Minister took part in the Shiv Chhatrapati State Sports Awards distribution event. The successful participants of Khelo India Khelo project were praised and felicitated for their efforts. Renowned athlete Pandharinath Pathare was honored with the prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati Life Time Award. It is apparent that the new Maharashtra Government is ready to take bold steps to develop sports and games in the state.

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