Grihini Suvidha Yojana Himachal Pradesh 2022 [Form PDF Download]

Grihini Suvidha Yojana In Himachal Pradesh 2019-20
[Application Form PDF Download, Eligibility, Documents]

Several new schemes have been taken by the state government of Himachal Pradesh to increase the overall number of employed youth. Apart from this, it has also shed light on the need to better the position of home makers in the area. In this line, the state authority announced another project named as Grihini Suvidha Yojana. As the name suggests, it has been targeted towards the women who are in charge of running the family. It is needless to say that this scheme has also been introduced for the poor and needy sections of the society.

Grihini Suvidha Yojana In Himachal Pradesh

Name of the schemeGrihini Suvidha Yojana
Launched inHimachal Pradesh
Launched byJai Ram Thakur
Date of announcement January 2019
Target beneficiariesWomen of the state
Supervised byHimachal Pradesh Government

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of the women – Empowering the common house wives is the main objective of this project. When women can save time on cooking tasks, they will be able to devote time in working towards their professional betterment.
  2. Environmental protection – Burning wood, coal or any other fossil fuel causes significant amounts of air pollution. When more and more women have access to cleaner cooking medium alternatives, the level of air pollution will come down as well.
  3. Target beneficiaries – The CM announced that only those applicants will be allowed to attain the benefits of this project, which don’t have any LPG connection.
  4. Security money paid by state – As per the draft of this scheme, applicants will not have to worry about the payment of security money, required for LPG connection and burner set. The payment of this security money will be done by the Himachal Government.
  5. Beneficiaries of PMUY – A similar project was implemented by the central government as well. The name of that project is Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. All women of this state, who are eligible under this program will directly come under the state run scheme.
  6. Estimated span of implementation – The state government has announced that it will take the authority as much as two years to reach the perks to all eligible families. The CM highlighted that the authority will take necessary steps to meet its goals earlier.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residential requirement – The entire funding of this scheme will be taken care of by the Himachal Pradesh government. Thus, women who are legal residents of this state will be able to apply and get the perks. Attaching the residential proof is a must for getting this perk.
  2. Financial background – Only women, belonging to financially weaker sections will be able to get the benefits of this project. Thus, applicants have to attach their family income certificate with the enrollment form.
  3. No LPG connection – If the candidate has an LPG connection in either her name or someone else’s name in the family, then she will be barred from attaining this benefit.
  4. Caste certificate – The applicants must also mention their caste in the application form. If the candidate belongs to ST, SC or OBC category, then she must attach the caste certificate with the form.
  5. Applicants’ photograph – There is a specific area in the application form, where candidates must attach their snap.

How to apply and get application form?

  1. All interested women, eligible under the project will have to opt for the offline enrollment methodology. But they can get the registration form from the online portal.
  2. Applicants will have to click on the link to attain the enrollment form. It is available in the PDF format. One can easily download the form and get a printout accordingly.
  3. Another way to get to the form is by clicking on the link
  4. Once the page opens, applicants must scroll down and click on the link that is marked as “Himachal Grihini Suvidha Yojana Form.”
  5. After getting the enrollment form by downloading it, applicants must take some time to fill in the online KYC form.

Women empowerment endeavors will not be successful until the government and society makes way for their financial independence. Women will only think about focusing on their personal and professional progress when they get free time. Access to clean and cheap cooking fluids will help in the overall progress of the homemakers.

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