Government Plans Lottery Scheme For GST Paying

Online Lottery Scheme for GST Payers 

The central government needs huge sums of money to implement and operate the welfare schemes for the Indian citizens. Most of this revenue is generated from the taxes. However, many business owners and common people are not interested in paying the Goods and Services Taxes or the GST. It makes a huge dent in the central coffers. In a bid to put a stopper to this issue, the central government has announced that it will launch the Online Lottery Scheme for GST Payers soon. The participants of this lottery will be able to win cash back rewards if they pay their GST bills.

Name of the schemeOnline Lottery Scheme
Launched inIndia
Launched byNarendra Modi
Date of announcementNovember 2019
Date of implementationSoon
Target beneficiariesGST payers
Participation modeOnline
Supervised byMinistry of Finance

Key features of the scheme

  1. Improving GST collection – The primary objective of the scheme will be to increase the revenue of the central government. It will allow the better management of the schemes, which are funded by this money.
  2. Encouraging people to pay their takes – The lottery scheme will encourage people to pay their GST taxes on time.
  3. Rewards for the participants – The central government will offer rewards to the lottery winners. The amounts have not been decided by the GST department.
  4. Daily and monthly winners – The lottery will be organized on a daily as well as a monthly basis. The reward sum for the daily winners will be comparatively lower than the monthly winners.

Eligibility to partake in the lottery

  1. Residents of India – If any applicant wants to acquire the perks of this scheme, then he/she must be a legal citizen of India.
  2. GST payers only – The scheme will only allow the participation of those who pay their GST on time.
  3. Must purchase goods from certified merchants – It is mandatory that the candidates buy the goods and services from certified merchants to partake in the lottery scheme.
  4. Not for power or water bills – The central government also imposed GST on water and electricity bills. But these have been excluded from the lottery scheme.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – The applicants must produce residential documents, which support their inhabited claims.
  2. GST certificate – It is mandatory for the applicant to have a GST certificate, issued by the respective department.
  3. Certified bill – If the tax payer wants to partake in the online lottery scheme, then he/she must possess the certified bill.

Portal and mobile app

The Finance Department has mentioned that the online lottery scheme will operated on the digital platforms. Thus, the government will launch a separate scheme portal and a mobile app for the convenience of the participants.

How to participate in the lottery scheme?

The scheme idea is still in its infancy. The central government has a long way to go before the project can be implemented. However, it has been accounted that all interested participants will have to upload the scanned copy of the GST payment certificate on the portal or app. We will highlight the updates and the application process in detail once the respective department makes the official announcements.

Similar schemes launched earlier

A similar scheme, under the name of Bill Banao, Inaam Pao Scheme has been launched by the Delhi government in 2015. It was targeted towards the clients who paid their VAT on time. The scheme details mentioned that the lower limit of the VAT must be Rs. 100. The highest cash reward for the winners was Rs. 50,000. The scheme also included the bills, which were generated by the restaurants.

The comprehensive step will help the central government to increase its revenue. It will also deter people from evading tax payments. It is the responsibility of the Indian citizens to do their part and contribute towards the development of the country.

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