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India Corona Warriors Portal ( – Database of Health Care Workers / Volunteers

The novel Coronavirus or COVID – 19 pandemic has claimed innumerable lives in around 200 nations. India is also suffering from the deadly blow of this disease, and trying to recuperate with the available resources The central Health Ministry has keep a close watch on the COVID positive cases, and announcing official numbers of diseased, dead and recovered patients daily. The central government has urged the state authorities to take the necessary measures to pave the path for the success of the lockdown. It would have been impossible for both governments to manage the situation, without the assistance of the brave hearts, which are fighting the disease from the front lines. The central government is forever indebted to these warriors, and has launched a special website for them. The India Corona Warriors Portal offer details of the people, who are fighting the battle with the disease, and trying to save innocent people.

Name of the portalIndia Corona Warriors Portal
Launched inIndia
Launched byIndian Central Government
Date of launch21st April, 2020
Purpose of the portalTracking the details of Corona Warriors

Key features of the portal

  1. Access to details – The primary purpose behind the launch of this website is to offer common people easy access to different details.
  2. Creating national database – The central government will be able to create a national database of the Corona warriors through this special website.
  3. State-wise information – If you want to know more about the service providers and volunteers, from a particular state, then the portal will come to your aid.
  4. Gather details about the hospitals – Not all hospitals have the infrastructure and the permission to treat COVID patients. If anyone wants to get the list of hospitals, which are offering COVID – 19 treatments, then he/she can log in on the website and select the particular state, and generate the search results.
  5. Nodal offices in states and districts – The portal users can also gather the contact details and address of the state-wise and district-wise nodal offices. The names of the in-charge of these offices are also available on the portal.
  6. Number of Corona warriors – As per the details, uploaded on the site, the total number of Corona Warriors is 1, 24, 85, 659.
  7. Three primary functions – The site also highlights the three important functions of the Corona Warriors. The first task is to implement preventive measures. The second task is to ensure proper distribution and supply of necessary commodities. Lastly, the warriors have to take part in field surveillance for detecting probable COVID positive patients.
  8. iGOT portal – If anyone wants to go to the iGOT portal, then he/she will get the official link on the Corona Warrior site.
  9. Arogya Setu App access – People, who want to download the Arogya Setu App, be it on Android or iOS phones, will get the official links on the Corona Warrior site.
  10. Other materials available on the website – When you log in on the portal, you will get free access to 53 modules, 14 courses, 29 training documents and 113 videos.

How to check the Corona Warrior list via the portal?

  1. Online portal – If any candidate wants to gather the details of Corona Warriors, medical service providers, hospitals and nodal offices, then he/she must click on the link to land on the India Corona Warriors website.
  2. Selecting proper option – The user will find a link that is marked as “All India and State Wise Data” on the home page. The user can click on the name of any state to get the details of Corona Warriors, working in the respective area. To bring up the state list, the user must click on the drop-down arrow.
  3. Details of country-wide warriors – In case the users desires a list of all the Corona Warriors, working in different areas, then he/she must opt for the “All India Data” option
  4. Warriors in particular fields – After the user selects the name of a certain state, the site will bring up several options. These highlight the sectors, where the Corona Warriors are working.
  5. Number of Corona Warriors – Each thumbnail represents a certain field. The name of the sector, and the total number of Corona Warriors, associated with it, are highlighted on the thumbnail.

Details of Corona Warriors in various sectors

Total Number of Corona Warriors in India1,24,85,659
Sl. No.Details of the OrganizationCorona Warriors Working in the Sector
1Professional MMBS doctors927000
2MMBS students153656
4AYUSH practitioners832445
7ESIC Hospitals49
8CPSEs Hospitals201
9LAB volunteers43736
10Port Hospitals12
11Defense Hospitals13
12Railway Hospitals50
16DDU GKY Trained Health Workers43944
17PMKVY Trained Health Workers108189
18DAY NULM Professionals45385
19Secretary of Panchayats237917
20Psycho Social Care116346
21Gram Rozgaar Sewak172959
22Veterinary Doctors83256
23ASHA workers1007045
24Allied Healthcare Professionals0
25Anganwadi workers2543113


About Arogya Setu App

The central government is using every available platform to provide proper information to the common people. It requires the assistance of the common people to detect, treat and cure the COVID – 19 patients. For this, the central government has launched the Arogya Setu App. Apart from getting information about the ailment, the app users will be able to self-detect whether they have the COVID – 19 symptoms. The app also identifies the areas, where Coronavirus patients have been detected. The India Corona Warriors Portal also provides the link to download the app. People, who have Android phones, can download the app by clicking on the link. iPhone users can download the app by clicking on the link.

Interested users can get the in-depth details about the Corona Warriors, and related topics, from this portal. The site is compatible with any gadget. The user can log in from a laptop, smartphone, tab or other gadgets, from anywhere. All one needs is a stable internet connection. It is the ideal site to obtain authentic data. The respective department uploads new information on the portal frequently.

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