MP Jai Kisan Rin Mukti Yojana 2021 [Karj Mafi]

Jai Kisan Rin Mukti Yojana in Madhya Pradesh 2019-20
Farm Loan Waiver [Karj Mafi] MP 
[Application Form Last Date, Eligibility, Documents, Farmer List, Certificate]

After the new CM of Madhya Pradesh came into power, he decided to improve the condition of agriculture sector. In relation to this, he launched the loan waiver scheme through which the farmer’s loan in banks will be waived off by the state government. Therefore, the Jai Kisan Rin Mukti Yojana has been released on 15th of January. 

Jai Kisan Rin Mukti Yojana in Madhya Pradesh

What is Jai Kisan Rin Mukti Yojana ?

Name of the scheme MP loan waiver scheme or KisanKarzMafi Yojana
Scheme has been launched in Madhya Pradesh
The scheme has been launched by Kamal Nath
The target beneficiaries of the scheme Madhya Pradesh farmers
Date of announcement of the schemeDecember 2018 
Scheme has been supervised by State agricultural department 
Loan Waiver AmountFarm Loans up to rupees 2 lakhs
Banks Covered under the scheme Nationalized Banks, Regional Rural banks, Cooperative banks
Budgetary ProvisionRupees 50,000 crores
Application FormsAvailable in Green, Pink (Gulabi), and White colour
Benefits Availed From22nd February 

Highlighting the key features of the scheme

Assisting farmers –

The main objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the farmers, and this will help to improve the overall agricultural sector. As it becomes hard for the farmers to repay the loan money along with interest, the state government will waive the loan amount.

Credits on agricultural grounds –

Farmers who have taken the loan for agricultural purposes will be able to avail the benefits of the scheme. But loan taken for purchasing of machinery will not be included in this scheme.

Total amount of loan waived –

Initially, no such upper limit has been fixed for the loan waiving scheme. But the state government has said that the loan amount should not cross rupees 2 lakhs for the farmers. In case of more amount, it will be paid by the farmers themselves and the state government will not be responsible for waiving off the loan amount.

Number of beneficiaries –

With the implementation of this scheme, the state government, will be able to help near about 40.96 lakh agricultural workers who have requested for a loan from different banks.

Selected banks –

Farmers who have taken loans from nationalized banks agricultural banks, cooperative institutions will be able to opt for the benefits of the scheme.

Date of loan maturity –

Loans on and after  December 2018 will be able to avail the benefits under this scheme. The state government will take care of the loan amount.

Total budget of scheme –

For successful implementation of the scheme, the state government will give rupees 56 thousand crores for the help of the farmers.

Settle scheme –

After the introduction of the loan waiver scheme, a settlement scheme has been planned by the state government. Relating to this scheme, the government has assured that by the implementation of this scheme, it will not have any results on the developmental projects. In addition, it will also not affect price of utilities used by the people of the state.

Scheme certificate

The certificates relating to this scheme will be given by the state government 22nd February 2019 onwards. After getting the certificates, farmers can apply for loans will when they will be called as a defaulter.

Eligibility criteria And Documents

Residential proof –

The loan waiver scheme has been planned by the state government for farmer’s improvement within Madhya Pradesh. Therefore, the interested farmers have to submit their residential proof along with the application form of the scheme.

Personal proof –

Farmers have to submit ID proof, and that may include Aadhaar card, ration card or voter ID card for a background check.

Professional details –

The scheme is implemented for the needy and poor farmers. Moreover, only full-time farmers will be able to avail the benefits of the scheme.

Credit-related documents –

The credit acceptance papers should also be introduced pertaining to this scheme. Thus, it will help the authority to go through the details of the farmers well and check their background properly before providing them the financial help.

No involvement of private banks –

In the debt waiving scheme, the private banks are not included. So, the farmers who have taken the loans from private banks will not be able to attain the benefits of the scheme.

Government officials are not included –

The central and state officials will not be able to attain any benefits under this scheme, and it includes MPs, MLAs, municipal council, and district panchayat chairperson.

Benefits to retired person –

For any older person who is willing to get benefits under this scheme, the person should not get pension more than rupees 15 thousand on a monthly basis.

Download of application form

Under the Madhya Pradesh Jai Kisan Rin Mukti Yojana 2019, to get the benefits, the farmers have to fill up three forms of different colors.

Pink form –

For farmers who have any complaint to fasal rin mochan Yojana, will have to fill up this form.

White form –

In case farmer’s bank account is not linked to Aadhaar card and have opted for the loans will have to fill up this form.

Green form –

In case the farmer’s bank account is linked with Aadhaar card, they will fill up this form.

How to get the application form and register for the scheme?

The state government has only announced that the farmer’s loan waiver scheme will be implemented by it has not stated any specific date about the same. In addition, no details of the application form have been detailed by the higher authority. For more information relating to the scheme and download of the application form, they can visit the online website pertaining to the scheme.

Last Date:

The forms will be submitted within 5th of February, and thus, it can be expected that farmers would start to receive the benefits under this scheme from 22nd February.  Thus, the condition of the farmers and harvest can be expected to improve in recent times when the farmers will not have to worry about paying off their loans anymore.

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