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(Full Form- Krushak Financial Assistance for Livelihood & Income Augmentation) 
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Agriculture is the backbone of Indian states. So, state governments often introduce new schemes, which target the betterment of the agricultural workers. Apart from the farmer credit waiver schemes, state authority offers monetary assistance for the purchase of farm tools. But there is often a disparity between the need and supply. The Odisha government has planned a mammoth project that will eliminate farmers’ poverty and financial issues significantly. Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation or the KALIA Scheme is an all-in-one scheme that will be implemented in the state in the next financial year.

“The new scholarship project has been announced as the name of KALIA Chhatra Bruti Yojana For Farmers’ Children.”

kalia scheme odisha

Name of the scheme (Full form)Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) Scheme
Launched inOdisha
Launched byNaveen Pattnaik
Date of announcementDecember 2018
Estimated launch date2019 – 2020
Review of the scheme2021
Target beneficiariesAll types of agricultural workers
Supervised byDepartment Of Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment
Crop Assistance Amount10000 per year

Key features of the KALIA Scheme

  1. Development of agricultural workers – The primary objective behind the implementation of this scheme is to provide financial stability for farmers. Apart from this, this scheme will create adequate opportunities for livelihood.
  2. Total crop assistance – After the implementation of this unique project, needy farmers will attain Rs. 10,000 on a yearly basis. Rs. 5000 will be given for kharif and rabi crop separately. Applicants can use this money for purchasing necessary farm supplies.
  3. Financial assistance through DBT – To ensure that the right candidates attain the financial aid, state government will make use of DBT facility. Direct Benefit Transfer will eliminate faulty aid distribution.
  4. Total number of benefited farmers – As the scheme offers benefits to all sorts of needy farmers, it has a wide base. Official estimates reveal that 92% of all agricultural and related people will directly benefit from thus scheme. This number adds up to 30 lakh farmers.
  5. Tenure of the assistance – Odisha government has planned to run the scheme for a three consecutive years. After the completion of this time, a review committee will be entrusted with the task of accessing the final results.
  6. Total budget for the project – Odisha CM mentioned that the successful implementation of this project, in every category, will cost a whopping 10,000 crore. However, the state will implement the program in a systematic way and utilize the money strategically.
  7. Financial assistance for livelihood creation – Not all farmers earn their living from agricultural practices. Many are interested in animal husbandry. Under this scheme, applicants will receive Rs. 12,500 each for starting goat or chicken farm. 10 lakh such applicants will be processed by Odisha government in the primary phase. Fishery, goat farm, mushroom production and other such endeavors will be financed.
  8. Old age or disability assistance – There are many farmers, who cannot work anymore either due to advancing age or ailment. Such individuals will attain as much as Rs. 10,000 from the government. But only those people will attain this perk who do not possess any agricultural land.
  9. Number of beneficiaries for disability assistance – A rough estimate suggests that around 10 lakh applicants will be able to attain the monetary assistance under this plan.
  10. Total budget for the scheme – The disability or old age pension amount will be offered for two years. In this span, the state will have to shell out around Rs. 1,000 crore to meet the requirements.
  11. Life insurance for agricultural workers – In addition to the financial assistance for the meeting farming needs, Odisha authority will offer life insurance as well as personal accident cover policies. Under both categories, the state will provide policy of Rs. 2 lakhs each.
  12. Estimated number of policy holders – Reports suggest that the estimated number of policy holders will be close to 57 lakh.
  13. No interest on farm loans – Apart from all these benefits, the Odisha government has also announced that hence forth all farmers, whose loan amount is within Rs. 50,000 will not have to worry about the payment of any interests. The credit will be issued on zero interest basis.

Odisha KALIA Scheme Red/Green Application Form Download Process 2019

Under Kalia scheme 2019, farmers can download both red and green application form. The scheme will include both inclusion and exclusion of the farmer’s name. Below is mentioned the application procedure. 

  • First, the applicants have to visit the official website pertaining to Kalia scheme 2019-2020 at kalia.co.in.
  • As soon as the home page comes up, applicants have to click on the ‘form’ section from the main menu to get both ‘red form’ and ‘blue form’ via the online mode.
  • After applicants click on the download link, the form will appear on the screen. In the online application, the farmers have to provide all necessary details and make sure that they enter the correct credentials. In a similar manner, they will be able to access the red application form.

However, farmers can get hands on the download link of both the application forms and fill up the same via the online mode. 

Important Dates

Sn Phases Previous Date Date
1.First Phase10 Jan 2019Last Date- 15 January [Extended Date]
2.Second Phase Start Date- 25 January 

Last date – 5 February

3.First Installment released26 January 

Eligibility and documents necessary for registration

  1. Residential criterion – This enormous program has been designed for implementation only within Odisha. Thus, it is mandatory for all applicants to be legal residents of this state. A copy of the residential document is a must be attached with the registration application.
  2. Occupational requirement – Individuals who are associated with agricultural activities and animal husbandry will only attain these perks. They must be associated with respective activities on a full-time basis.
  3. Financial background – Only needy agricultural workers and their households will be able to enroll for the scheme benefits. Agricultural workers who fall either in the small or marginal category will attain these aids. The scheme will include landless families as well.
  4. ID proof – Applicants will have to furnish copies of their Aadhar or voter cards. The officials will check these documents to ensure that there are no bogus claimants.
  5. Bank account details – As all financial aids will be transferred in the respective bank account of the applicant, it is mandatory for all to have active bank accounts.
  6. Age and disability certificates – If the applicants want to attain aid under old age or disability clause, then they will have to submit ailment, age or disability supporting documents.
  7. Agro-loan related papers – To attain the zero interest benefit, interested applicants will have to submit all credit related papers for authentication.

How to download the beneficiary list of Kalia scheme?

Farmers can download beneficiary list under this Kalia scheme to check whether their name exists in the first draft of the scheme or not. This beneficiary list should not be considered as the final one. In case, farmers are not able to find their name in the list of beneficiaries, they can download with the help of the green form and submit the same at gram panchayat. The last date for the submission is 10th January 2019. The remaining farmer’s name will be included in the second list of the beneficiary under this scheme. To check the list, they have to go through the following steps.

  1. First, the farmers have to visit the official portal kalia.co.in and look for the beneficiary list.
  2. As the home page comes up, they have to click on ‘beneficiary list’ under the header portion. From this, they have to click on the link http://kalia.co.in/beneficiary.aspx.
  3. After clicking on this link, the beneficiary list will show up. In this list, they have to enter district name, block name and click on view list option.
  4. This will show up district wise beneficiary list containing two columns. In this, the name of the gram panchayat is given in the first column, and from the second column, the farmers can download the beneficiary list.
  5. The applicants can also download gram panchayat wise Kalia scheme list so that they can find their name manually.

Therefore, the cooperation department officials are of the opinion that the phase I list is available at 6799 gram panchayat. Thus, both marginal and small farmers should visit the panchayat office to know about the beneficiary list.

KALIA Scheme’s Second List Published In Odisha

  1. The government in Odisha has implemented the KALIA Scheme for the benefit of poor and needy farmers, living within the borders of the state. The first list of beneficiaries had already been published by the state. As the scheme will be implemented in phases, the state is all set to bring put the second beneficiary list.
  2. The details of all selected farmers will be available on the official website. To gain access to these details, applicants will have to log in on the site kalia.co.in. Applicants can use this portal to see their details via online mode.
  3. In case they do not have access to online facilities, they can get the details from the Gram Panchayat office as well. Farmers will not be able to avail the benefits if they don’t have knowledge about this innovative scheme.
  4. To eliminate such possibilities, the state authority has designed and launched an interactive portal. One can log in on this site by clicking on the link www.kalia.co.in. This site offers details about the scheme features and enrollment details as well.

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