WB Karmo Bhumi Portal Registration for IT Professionals at karmabhumi.nltr.org

WB Karmo Bhumi Portal Registration for IT Professionals 2020 (State Workforce Tracker) (Apply online for job post, eligibility, documents)

The WB Karmo Bhumi Portal has been initiated by the department of information technology and electronics in West Bengal. The state government is inviting online registration for IT candidates through the online portal after the lockdown is withdrawn. It is meant for the candidates who have come back from other states or countries and are searching for a job. They can apply through the official portal launched. Read on to know about how to apply through the portal mentioned above.

WB Karmo Bhumi Portal

Launch details of the portal 

Name of the portal  WB Karmo Bhumi Portal
Official website for the portalkarmabhumi.nltr.org  
Target group of the portalSkilled ITeS or IT professionals
Portal has been launched inWest Bengal government
Portal has been launched byDepartment of Information Technology & Electronics
Main objective of portal launchOffer employment scope for the jobless who have returned to the state
Bridge between professionals and companyThe portal can bridge the gap between the professionals and the IT giants

Features of West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Web Portal

Target group of the scheme –

The main target group are the individuals who have come back from other states or countries as they were stranded on the grounds of nationwide lockdown.

Main objective of the scheme –

As they individuals have lost their jobs due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the state government is trying to find some job opportunities in the state’s IT sector and thus, raised the concern through the IT sector.

Number of candidates registered

A total of 250 candidates have already registered along with 500 visitors on the site.

Getting access to the information

Through the correct link of State workforce tracker, the IT professionals can get access to the information of the IT department.

Retaining of IT sectors

With almost 700 ITs operating in West Bengal, the government’s initiative has been welcomed by the IT giants as it will help retain the professional. Also, it can help to offer employment opportunities to the jobless.  

Eligibility Criteria

Residential details –

As the West Bengal state government has initiated the portal launch, only the state candidates are eligible to get the scheme benefits.

Income details –

The candidates willing to get a job under the portal should produce income details of their previous job if any.

Identification proof –

It is important to produce identification details at the time of registration through the portal for suitable scrutiny by the state government authorities.

Qualification details ­–

The applicants willing to get a job need to produce relevant details based on which the higher authority can select them as the eligible ones.

Documents required

Residential details –

Only the candidates who are permanent residents of West Bengal can register through the portal launched.

Income details –

The candidates should produce a previous income certificate that will help them know about the organization they worked with.

Identification proof –

As identification, voter ID card, Aadhaar card, and the like should be furnished at the time of registration for the portal.

Qualification details –

A proper qualification certificate should be produced like a school leaving certificate and the higher degree documents to understand the candidate’s eligibility to get a job in the IT sector.

Online registration under WB Karma Bhumi Portal

  1. First, you have to visit the official portal at the link
  2. As the homepage shows up, go through the disclaimer and click on the “I Accept” button.
  3. Now, applicants have to fill up a questionnaire that comes up on the screen with correct details
  4. Following this, they will get verification OTP. Enter the correct OTP that shall complete the registration procedure. After this, a thanking message is displayed on the screen as confirmation.

However, the total number of beneficiaries to register under this portal is yet to be estimated by the state government as this is a newly launched portal.


What is karmabhumi job portal?

It is job portal that was launched by West Bengal government. While the economy is facing as adversity, WB government decided to create job opportunity in the market to improve the current situation caused by pandemic.

How to apply in karmabhumi job portal?

In order to apply for the scheme you need to visit https://karmabhumi.nltr.org/. Then you need to click on ‘State Workforce Tracker’ where you have to answer few questions.

Is this karmabhumi job portal for covid 19 situation?

Yes, it is believed to improve the unemployment that caused by sudden breakout of Corona pandemic.

Which jobs offers via karmabhumi job portal?

The beneficiary will get immense job opportunity in IT sector within the state.

Who announced karmabhumi portal?

It was announced by the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee.

The successful implementation of the scheme will help the IT giants hire the employees based on skills and offer them a job. By this, the state government is trying to offer better job scope making West Bengal a better place to live in.

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