Karmayogi Scheme 2021 – National Programme for Civil Servants Capacity Building

Karmayogi Scheme Mission 2020 – National Programme for Civil Servants Capacity Building (NPCSCB) (check institutional framework, qualities, core principle, features, objectives, iGOT-Karmayogi platform, financial implications)

The central government has finally taken a firm step towards capacity building, especially in the Civil Service sectors. The scheme is known as Mission Karmayogi or the National Programme for Civil Servants Capacity Building. Apart from developing skill, it is a major Human Resource development project. The project has been designed to incorporate the central government employees. It will not only revamp the work culture in the government sector, but will pave the path for better personal and professional development. In this article, you will get in-depth details about the various aspects of the Karmayogi Scheme.


Karmayogi Scheme Launch details

Name of the schemeNational Programme for Civil Servants Capacity Building (NPCSCB) or Karmayogi Scheme
Launched inIndia
Launched byPM Narendra Modi
Date of announcement2020
Date of implementationSeptember 2020
Target beneficiariesCentral governmnet employees
Supervised byGovernment of India
Online platform of the schemehttps://igot.gov.in/

Key pillars of the Karmayogi Scheme

  1. Policy framework
  2. Institutional framework
  3. Competency framework
  4. Digital learning framework
  5. Tech-driven Human Resource management System
  6. Evaluation & Monitoring Framework

Parts of the Institutional framework

  1. Public HR Council headed by the Prime Minister
  2. Capacity Building Commission
  3. Special Purpose Vehicle to work on tech and digital assets
  4. Online training via i-GOT platform
  5. Cabinet Secretary will man the Coordination Unit

Necessary qualities for the members

  1. Every member must be imaginative and hone the skills of innovative thinking
  2. The Karmayogis must be polite and pre-emptive.
  3. They must have a progressive mentality. They must exude professionalism in their tasks.
  4. It is essential for these people to be enabling and full of vigor.
  5. Every Karmayogi must have adequate knowledge about technology. They must be transparent about official matters.
  6. Creativity and the ability to come up with constructive ideas are vital characteristics.

Main ideologies of the Karmayogi Scheme

  1. There prevalent “Rules Based” post allocation will be replaced with “Roles Based” methodology. It will pave the path for better post allocation as per experience and competence of the candidates.
  2. Apart from off-site training, civil servants will get the opportunity to assimilate information through on-site learning.
  3. Pooling in different study materials and faculty members from various institutes will create an ambience for shared learning.
  4. FRACs approach will be used to measure the efficiency of posts.
  5. Developing and delivering suitable and relevant materials for government departments.
  6. Every government employee will have access to relevant study materials.
  7. Government departments and ministries will pool in their resources to create a collaborative learning environment.
  8. Rope in esteemed educational content creators to ensure proper training of civil servants, and better capacity building.

Essential objectives of Karmayogi Commission

  1. It will help the PM Public Human Resources Council in planning and getting approval for the Annual Capacity Building Policies.
  2. Keep tabs on the government training centers, which are a part of the capacity building in the civil service sectors.
  3. Pave the path for shared learning by utilizing external and internal teachers.
  4. Ensure better Capacity Building Plans with in-depth supervision and coordination among various departments
  5. Suggest new and improved methodologies, training for capacity building and tutoring.
  6. Set the rules and regulations for civil servants who wish to take part in mid-career training sessions.

Online platform for Mission Karmajogi

Prime Minister has mentioned on various occasions that government needs to take the necessary measures to build Digital India. E-governance and technology will speed up the progress of the nation. Thus, it is obvious that Mission Karmayogi will have a virtual representation. Civil servants can gather more information about this scheme on i-GOT platform. The website will be able to accommodate around 2 crore civil servants. It is a potent information resource for the government employees. Apart from this, government officials will be able to get their hands on online study material easily. Here is a list of other services, which will be integrated with the i-GOT portal.

  1. Issuing confirmation certificate at the end of the probation period
  2. Deployment
  3. Assigning work to the members
  4. The website will highlight central government job vacancy notifications
  5. Other announcements, made by any central government ministry

Karmayogi Scheme and its economic consequences

The scheme draft highlights that as many as 46 lakh central government employees will be able to take part in the Karmayogi scheme. Prime Minister will continue this capacity building project for five years, during which time, the central government will spend Rs. 510.86 crore. The mission will commence on 2020 – 2021 and continue till 2024 – 2025. Multilateral financial assistance will be acquired for the success of this project. i-GOT platform will be managed by Special Purpose Vehicle or SPV.

The role of the SPV is rather significant. It will not only monitor the online platform, but will also create relevant content that needs to be posted on the portal. The SPV will claim ownership of the digital data, available on i-GOT. The central government will create an evaluation team. The primary responsibility of this team is to look after the digital activities, happening on the platform.

Capacity Building smoothens the path for the implementation of various reform programs. It can assist in the carrying out the regular government functions. Changes in the Civil Service Capacity Building rules will impact the work culture positively. It will have a trickle-down effect on the other public institutes, which work with the central government machinery. Reputed ministers and other eminent people will be roped in by the HR Commission for sound policy making. It is an opportunity for the different government departments to work together.


Q: Can state government employees partake in Mission Karmayogi?

Ans: No.

Q: Is the official platform for Mission Karmayogi functional?

Ans: Yes. The i-GOT platform has been launched.

Q: What is the official tenure of this mission?

Ans: 5 years, from 2020 – 2021 to 2024 – 2025

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