Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme 2022

Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme 2019 For Millet Farmers [Eligibility Criteria, Application Form, Subsidy] 

The state government of Karnataka has recently launched a new scheme called the Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme. By launching this scheme, the government will boost the state’s agricultural sector by delivering Rs. 10, 000 per hector to the millet farmers. The amount will be offered via Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT to millet farmers’ bank accounts directly. The primary focus of the scheme is to offer millet farming in the state. Mentioned below are the launch details of the scheme in a tabular format.

Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme

Launch Details of the Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme

Name of the SchemeKarnataka Raitha Siri Scheme
Announced byThe State Government of Karnataka
Date of Implementation2019-2020
Additional schemes Announced AlongsideRaith Kanaja Scheme and Gruhalaxmi Crop Loan Scheme
Targeted BeneficiariesFarmers of millet farming
Primary Motto of the Scheme●      To boost the agricultural sector

●      To provide financial support to the agricultural laborers or farmers of the state

●      To provide a total of Rs. 10,000 per hectare to millet growers


Key Benefits of the Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme

  • Encouraging the organic farming process – According to the government, organic farming is hugely appreciated, especially in the state of Karnataka.
  • To encourage the growing minor millets – Raitha Siri Scheme will encourage the growth of minor millets. Hence, the government is said to provide an assistance of Rs. 10, 000 per hector via DBT.
  • Motivating farmers – The government will offer an assistance of Rs. 7, 500 per hector for motivating farmers to cultivate paddy under the Karavali Package Scheme. This will be provided with the allocation of Rs. 5 crores.
  • Improving Economic Condition – Karnataka government has also announced a package of Rs. 150 crores for improving the economic condition of those pomegranate and grapes growers in the state.
  • Benefits of Micro Irrigation System – The government is said to offer a total of Rs. 145 crores for adopting the Israel model of micro irrigation process. This will also help in growing the profitability of crops with the minimum use of water.
  • Budget – A subsidy comprising a whopping amount of Rs. 250 crore will be delivered. This will help in providing conserved water to the dry-land farmers.
  • For Zero Budget Natural Farming – For the ZBNF or Zero Budget Natural Farming, the government has allocated a total of Rs. 40 crores for the continuation.


Eligibility Criteria of the Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme

The Karnataka Raitha Siri Schemeis aimed to provide financial support to the agricultural laborers or farmers of the state. The scheme also focuses on promoting millet farming. The candidates have to be a part of the millet farming. According to the recent reports, further info will surface online. Before that, one can stay tuned to keep an eye on possible information pertaining to the eligibility criteria of the Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme.

Application Procedure and Documentation of the Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme

The state government has recently launched this scheme, which means that the application procedure of the scheme has not yet been rolled out. To know the eligibility criteria of the scheme, you can stay tuned to the Internet.

As of now, it has been known that the Raitha Siri Scheme will offer a minimum support price to approximately 12 notified farms. As per expectations, the GSDP is anticipated to grow at around 9.6% (which was nearly 10.4% in 2017-18). On the contrary, the industrial sector is believed to grow at 7.4% against 4.7%. The services, however, is believed to remain at 12.3% alike to the last year.

These schemes will provide welfare to agriculture workers. For more information about the application procedure and documentation Raitha Siri Scheme, one can keep watching this space.

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