Kitchen Garden Scheme will be implemented in primany, middle scheme in TN

Kitchen Garden Scheme will be implemented in primany, middle scheme in TN

The School Education Department under Tamil Nadu government has launched a Kitchen Garden Scheme. The scheme is for the primary and middle school of Tamil Nadu. The scheme will be implemented in the upcoming academic year. It has been heard that the scheme is implemented under the Eco Club and that is created to aware people of the state. According to the officer of the Education Department, the scheme has already implemented on 100 schools and they all are undertaken by the government. The objective of the scheme is to spread awareness among the students regarding the agriculture.

Kitchen garden scheme for the schools in Tamil Nadu

According to the government authorities, the scheme is successful and not only that but also the students from various districts participating spontaneously. The government tries to ignite the interest of farming among the young children. After witnessing the success rate of the scheme the government is trying to implement the scheme on 50 to 100 schools in Coimbatore. The government is choosing mainly the primary and middle school to educate th4e children.

When asked about the details of the scheme, the authority said that the primary focus is to produce spinach and vegetables. The farming will be done in the yard of each school and in order to produce vegetables only bio-fertilizers will be used. The step was taken in order to aware the school kids regarding the organic foods. In order to make the farming effective special training session will be started. The teachers and students both will receive training under the scheme.

The schools will choose a reserved area where the seed will be sowed in the compound. The students will be monitoring the entire process from watering the saplings to using fertilizers. In order to perform the task effectively the students will be divided into groups; each group will be given task. The vegetables will be cooked for their mid-day meals.

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