Krishak Bandhu Scheme in West Bengal 2020

WB Krishak Bandhu Scheme 2019

[Eligibility Criteria, Download Application Form Process, Crop Assistance Amount] 

To improve the condition of farmers, West Bengal government has initiated WB Krishak Bandhu Scheme. The gift money will be given to the farmers in two installments. In addition, the premium money will also be given by the government on behalf of the agricultural framers. However, the insurance package offered by the state government will be of immense help for the farmers and improve the overall farming condition in West Bengal. 

wb krishak bandhu scheme

Launch details

Name WB Krishak Bandhu Scheme


Launch date January 2019


Scheme has been announced byWB CM Smt. Mamata Banerjee 


Number of installment given isTwo  


How much amount will be given?Rupees 5,000 will be given to the farmers per acre on a yearly basis


Target beneficiariesFarmers and farm laborers


Date of announcement1 January 2019


Scheme supervised byWest Bengal agricultural department


Key features of the scheme

  • Assistance to the agricultural sector – The main motive of the agricultural sector is to promote the condition of the farmers. The assistance will help in proper crop production and they will be able to implement techniques of farming in the production process.
  • Financial help – As per rules set in WB Krishak Bandhu Scheme, agricultural farmers will get rupees 5,000 per year. Also, the financial assistance will be given to farmers for Kharif and Rabi crops.
  • Crop assistance – Apart from paying for the crops to assist the farmers, the state government will also pay for the premium of the farmers that have been stated as per the crop insurance scheme.
  • Family insurance help – Under the insurance policy, the framers will get rupees 2 lakh per family on account of death cases like suicide and others. This insurance policy will benefit the farmers beside the agricultural help.
  • Beneficiaries – The main aim of the implementation of the scheme is to uplift the condition of 72 lakh farmers that also includes farm laborers. Only the farmers living within the state will be allowed to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  • Bank account transfer – The bank account of the farmer would be link as all money transaction will be done directly to the link account of the farmer. Further, it will ensure that the money is credited to the right account without the involvement of any hidden charges in the transaction.

What are the eligibility criteria of the scheme?

  1. Residential proof – Since the west Bengal government has implemented the scheme, farmers residing in west Bengal will be applicable to apply for the scheme. Thus, they have to produce the required residential proof that will support the fact that the farmer to this state.
  2. Professional criteria – Only agricultural farmers can apply to get the benefits under this scheme. Applicants belonging to other sectors will not be allowed to apply for the scheme.
  3. Age criteria – Applicants who are from 18 to 60 years of age can apply to avail the benefits of the scheme. So, applicants also have to provide age related certificate that will work as an age proof.
  4. Personal ID – Personal ID is important when applicants are applying under this scheme. They can provide Aadhaar card or voter ID card for the same.
  5. Bank account details – For monetary transfer pertaining to the scheme, a bank account should be provided that would be linked. The farmers will receive the money directly in the link bank account. For the same, the farmers have to provide details of the bank account during the application for the scheme.

Download Application Form procedure of the scheme

Farmers will require filling up the WB Krishak Bandhu Scheme form of 2019 through the official website. To avail the assured death benefit and income scheme, the below-provided steps must be followed.

  1. First off, one has to pay a visit to the official website – .
  2. Right on the homepage, one has to tap on the ‘Krishak Bandhu’ option.
  3. A new page will pop up. On the new page, the applicants must click on the ‘Krishak Bandhu Sign In’ option to make the respective sign-in procedure for registration.
  4. Upon clicking on the link, the Login Window of the WB Krishak Bandhu Scheme will open.
  5. After which, the candidate must click on the ‘Sign Up’ option.
  6. After clicking the option, the online registration form of West Bengal Krishak Bandhu Scheme will appear on the screen.
  7. The applicant must give the detailed information and submit the completed form eventually.
  8. Upon this, each of the candidates will be provided with their respective username & password.

Death Benefit Notification & Application Form Download

The candidates of the West Bengal Krishak Bandhu Scheme can download the death benefit notification in order to get information. The government of West Bengal is also inviting the application forms of the scheme for death benefits. One can download the death benefit form via – . Alternatively, the ones who wish to get hold of the Bengali version of the form must click on – To know more, one has to pay a visit to the official website –

The state government has launched this scheme with the aim of improving the condition of the farmers despite having problems of burden.  In addition to this, the tax of farmers pertaining to agricultural lands will be waived by the state government. As of now, the state government pays 80% of the tax, and the rest 20% is paid by the central government. In this relation, CM rejects PM Narendra Modi’s proposals of paying the crop insurance for the help of the farmers.

Therefore, the CM wanted to highlight the fact that the main aim of launching the scheme is to look after the overall condition of agricultural farmers. For better condition of the farmers, this financial support would be of immense help for the farmers. In addition, it can be expected to have additional pressure on the state government pertaining to the scheme.    

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