[KSFE] Kerala Government Laptop Scheme 2021 | K-Fone Free Internet for BPL

Details of Kerala Government Laptop Scheme [KSFE] Kerala Government Laptop Scheme 2020 for Students K-Fone Free Internet for BPL Families

The Laptop Scheme 2020 has been launched by Kerala state government aiming the students of the poor families. For the help of the students in this wake of the pandemic, the state government is trying to offer different assistance. With this, they can help students to continue with their studies. From offering laptops to setting up of online classes the Kerala State Financial enterprises are trying different efforts. Read on to know the details of the schemes launched.

Kerala Free laptop scheme

Name of the schemeLaptop Scheme 2020
Scheme has been launched byFinance Minister T M Thomas Isaac
Scheme has been launched inKerala
Benefits of the schemeOffering Laptop
Target group of the scheme  Students of financially weak sections
Joint venture to be joined by  State financial enterprises or KSFE and Kudumbasree
Date of scheme launch  23 June 2020
Amount of laptopRupees 15000 to the students in installments

Highlighting features

Main focus of the scheme –

The main objective of the scheme is to offer laptops to the students belonging to the weaker sections. In addition, micro-finance scheme has been introduced to finance students to purchase laptops for low price.  

Target group of the scheme

Offer laptops for free and lower rate to the financially weaker sections. Along with this, local bodies will be offered funds to set up online classes for students.

Funding to local bodies

The KSFE will offer 75% of funds to local bodies who setup for online classes in a public place. It shall identify the beneficiary students and offer the facilities. In this case, the rest 25% should be given by the local bodies.

Setting up TV sets

Television will be set up in public spaces helping the students to watch it and learn.

Installment to be given for the laptops

The parents have to pay rupees 500 as monthly installment for three months.

Eligibility criteria

Residential proof –

As the Andhra Pradesh state government has introduced the scheme, only the permanent residents of the state are eligible to avail of the scheme benefits. 

Identification details –

When registering the scheme, the candidates have to offer suitable identification proof for scrutiny by higher authorities.

Income details

The students who wish to avail of the scheme benefits and get laptop should mention income details of their parents. This will be required for scrutiny at the time of registration for the scheme.  

Educational details

The students studying in recognized educational institutes are eligible to avail of the above said scheme benefits.  

Documents required

Residential details –

The candidate should have residential proof. It is required to justify that they are the permanent residents of Kerala. It is required to be introduced at the time of registration under the scheme.

Income certificate –

It is mandatory to produce the income certificate of parents of the students at the time of registration. It is required to check the income limit and consider their eligibility in the scheme.

Identification proof –

Aadhaar card, voter ID card, Pan Card, mobile number and other details should be given for registration of the scheme. This will be scrutinized by higher authorities.  

Details of other scheme initiatives by Kerala state government 

The state government has come up with other initiative which is the Kerala Fiber Optic Network Free internet scheme. The main target group is the BPL families. Apart from this, the KSFE Chit Fund Scheme has also been started by the state government.

Let us take a look at some of the features of the KSFE Chit Fund Scheme.

Target group of the scheme

The scheme will include almost 40 lakhs Kudumbashree workers who can take part in the scheme.

Installment facility under the scheme

Only after paying three months’ installments, the workers can get the laptops. However, the total payment for laptop can be done within 30 months’ time.

However, if a member does not require the laptop, they can take part in the scheme. KSFE will give last three installments in case there is no default in the payment of installments.  

Setting up of online centers for study for the students

In this, KSFE will give 75% of the expense to the local bodies whereas they have to give the rest of the expense. Other than this, the centers should furnish suitable utility bill to the KSFE. It is meant to help the local centers who are trying to offer online study facilities to the poor students. In this relation, KSFE will offer the cheques to the centers in a day or two. However, other than the local bodies, other agencies can also come forward to offer the online education and make up necessary set up.    

What are the features of Kerala Fiber Optic Network (K-Fone) Free Internet Scheme?

Target group of the scheme

The Kerala Fibre Optic Network (K-Fone) Scheme has been started by Kerala government aiming for the BPL families.

Main objective of the scheme

The main idea of the scheme is to offer free internet facility to the poor families. For the ones who do not belong to BPL group, they can avail of the internet connection at low rates.

Total number of beneficiaries under the scheme –

The scheme benefits shall cover up for almost 20 lakh beneficiaries.

Total amount sanctioned for the scheme launch –

A total of rupees 1500 crores have been outlaid by state government for successful launch of the scheme.  

Useful for ISPs and cable TV operators –

Through the launch of the scheme, the ISP and the cable TV operators can offer easy connectivity to the customers.

Easy facility of internet connection –

The scheme can offer easy internet connection to hospitals, schools, government places and educational institutions. In addition, it shall offer better backup to artificial intelligence, internet of things, the startup sectors and the like.     

However, through successful implementation of the scheme, it shall help to improve the condition of the e-health programs conducted by state government. A total of 30, 000 government office along with educational places will be benefitted from the launch of the scheme.

Facilities of K-FON Free Internet Connectivity to Poor

The scheme will be of immense help for the poor ones who are unable to get access to internet connection. The scheme will offer the same free of cost. In this regard, it seeks help from the state electricity board for better implementation of the scheme at the earliest. However, the use of internet will increase by different educational and banking sectors in the time of the spread of the pandemic.

Online registration of the schemes

For these entire scheme mentioned above, the state government is yet to come up with the registration procedure. This is a newly launched one. The beneficiaries of the scheme can frequently visit the official portal of the scheme to remain updated about its launch.   

Therefore, with the help of these scheme initiatives and financial help from KSFE, it shall help the students of the state to get engaged in studies. Regarding the current situation due to the pandemic, the state government wants to help the students and thus, planning to launch the scheme initiatives. However, Kerala is the only state announcing to offer free internet connection for free. Thus, with this, the K-Fon project is trying to help Kerala become one of the leading tourism, educational and industrial places.   

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