Maharashtra Liquor Home Delivery [Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur] Apply Online at, Price List

Maharashtra Liquor Home Delivery in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur Apply Online at, Price List

The national financial structure is in a rather sorry state due to the sudden attack of the deadly Coronavirus. Most of the countries are in similar condition. The employment, trade and commerce sectors have ceased to operate. It means that there in inadequate inflow of revenue in the coffers of government. The decisions to open the liquor stores, and an increase in the price of the items, have restored the revenue flow. The same is applicable in Maharashtra. The state authority launched the Liquor e-Token Scheme to make sure that the people can purchase liquor in an orderly fashion. If you desire to know more about the various aspects of this scheme, then read this article carefully.

Liquor e-Token Scheme in Maharashtra
Name of the schemeLiquor e-Token Scheme
Launched inMaharashtra
Launched byUddhav Thackeray
Date of announcementMay 2020
Date of implementation10th May 2020
Target beneficiariesLiquor enthusiasts in the state
Application processOnline mode
Official portal address
Supervised byMaharashtra Excise Department

Maharashtra Liquor Home Delivery

Revenue generation

The sale of alcohol from the liquor stores, generate substantial revenue for the state. All the liquor stores were closed during the lockdown. It reduced the revenue generation by a significant percentage. The aim of this state project is to start the revenue generation process, without breaking the safety norms.

Convenience of the people

The high placed officials of the Maharashtra Excise Department commented that it will become rather challenging for the people to come to the government office and collect the tokens. The website ensures easy enrollment and generation of tokens.

Issuance of liquor tokens

The Maharashtra government announced that only those, with the digitally generated e-tokens will get the permission to buy liquor. Thus, the launch of this portal will help the authority and customers to generate and receive e-tokens respectively.

Only registered liquor stores

The Chief minister, along with the officials of the Maharashtra Excise Department mentioned that registered liquor store can go back to business. If these stores fail to uphold the guidelines, then the privilege to sell liquor will be temporarily taken away from them.

Maintaining social distancing

The implementation of the Liquor e-Token Scheme will enable the government to allocate different times slots for the customers. It will eliminate the chances of unnecessary crowding. It, in turn, ensures the successful implementation of the social distancing guidelines.

Selected cities

The officials of Maharashtra authority have mentioned that initially, the Liquor e-Token Scheme has been scheduled for implementation in cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, and Nashik. Other cities will be added to this list soon.

Pilot basis implementation

The Chief Minister of the state has mentioned that primary implementation of the scheme will be done in Pune. The success of the scheme will be monitored, and then it will be implemented in other areas as well.

Home delivery of liquor

After the central government gave a green signal to the purchase of alcohol, the state authorities made the necessary arrangements. Though some states have already started the home delivery of liquor, the Maharashtra government is yet to take a final stand on this.

Eligibility for registration

Residents of the selected areas

Not all liquor stores will operate now. The scheme will be implemented in only a few cities for the time being. Only the inhabitants of this area will be able to get the perk of this scheme.

Age requirement

There is an age requirement for those who desire online liquor tokens. If the age of the candidate is less than 21 years, then the state government will cancel the enrollment.

Specific zones

Liquor stores will operate, and people will get the online tokens, if they are in the green and orange zones.

Documents necessary for enrollment

Residential document

The applicant must provide official documents, which ensure that he is a resident of the respective area, and does not come from a red or containment zone.

Identification proof

The scheme draft also states that the submission of the copy of Aadhar Card, voter card or driving license is a must to obtain liquor.

Age proof

As there is an age requirements, submitting authentic age proof is a must. Without this, the person will not be able to purchase liquor.

Contact details

It is mandatory for the candidate to provide documents, which shed light on his registered mobile number.

Liquor store address

The people, living in the green and orange zones will get the permission to venture out of their homes, for buying liquor. However, they will not be allowed to venture too far from the locality. Thus, the applicant must offer the details of liquor stores, located near his home.

How to register for the liquor e-token online?

  1. Online portal

    The Maharashtra government stated that it wants to ensure that people do not face any issues while purchasing liquor. For the convenience of the citizens, an official website has been launched for issuance of e-tokens. To get to this webpage, one must click on the link

  2. Option selection

    If the person wants to register for liquor e-token, then he must click on the option “Liquor Token.” It is located at the top right corner of the homepage.

  3. Registration form

    – Clicking on this link will trigger the website to produce the digital registration form.

  4. Enter relevant data

    Here, the person must type in the mobile number, his name, name of the district, and pin code.

  5. Submission of the details

    After this, the applicant must click on the button that is marked as “Submit.”

  6. E-token generation

    – The site will generate an online token. It contains the time slot for collecting the liquor from the store. The applicant needs to download the token, and get a print out, as the token must be submitted at the liquor store.

Guidelines for the liquor store owners

  1. There was a massive rush among the liquor addicts, when the state government said that the registered stores can sell alcohol. As more and more people gathered outside the liquor stores, there was no way to implement the social distancing rules.
  2. It forced the government to close the liquor shops for a few days. To make sure that the potential customers stick to the rules, the Pune Additional Divisional Commissioner published a few guidelines.
  3. The draft highlights that only 30 clients can get into the liquor store at one time. In that case, the store must give them paper tokens, which highlight the serial number and expected service time.
  4. The liquor stores cannot remain open for the entire day. The operation duration has been divided in two slots. The first slot begins from 10 AM and ends at 2PM. The second slot begins from 2:30 PM and ends at 5:30 PM.
  5. Customers, who got the first slot, will have White Liquor e-Tokens. The people, registered under the second slot, will get Yellow Liquor e-Tokens.
  6. The law enforcement department in the area can take strict measures against the liquor stores, which are not sticking to the rules.
  7. Only 50 people will receive liquor token, during the span of one hour.
  8. The store owners need to ensure that the people, waiting outside the store, maintain a queue, and stand at least six feet away from one another.
  9. It may not be possible for the customers to measure the distance. In that case, the store owners must mark the area, where a person must stand.

FAQ about the scheme

What is the minimum age for applicants to enroll for the liquor e-token?

Ans: The Maharashtra government has declared in an official decree that only those individuals will be able to apply for the liquor e-token, who have attained the age of 21 years.

Will the unregistered liquor stores be allowed to sell alcohol?

Ans: No. The liquor stores, which possess the necessary license, and registered with the state authority, will be given the permission to serve the customers.

From where will the customers get the token to purchase liquor?

Ans: If anyone is interested in getting the online token that is needed for the procurement of liquor, then he must log in on the portal

How many token will be generated by the site on an hourly basis?

Ans: The official portal will issue as many as 50 liquor e-tokens every hour.

Are there any restrictions on the number of people, admissible in the store, at a given time?

Ans: Yes. The Maharashtra government has issued an order that states that it is the responsibility of the liquor store owner to ensure that no more than 30 people are allowed inside the shop, at any given time.

What is the time span for using the liquor e-tokens?

Ans: The liquor e-token will remain active for one day only. The token holder can use the pass between 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM.

What action will be taken against the liquor stores, which break the state norms?

Ans: If the law enforcement department sees that the liquor stores are breaking the government rules, the stores will not be allowed to sell liquor for the next ten days.

Has the Maharashtra government launched an app for online liquor booking?

Ans: As of now, there is no separate mobile application through which the interested customers can register for the online token, or book liquor.

Many sections are criticizing the state government’s decision of opening the liquor stores. Social experts predict that it can increase the rate of domestic violence. Most poor people have already lost their livelihood. They do not have money to purchase essential household items. However, people addicted to alcohol will spend money on liquor. It can put pressure on the limited savings. On the other hand, it must be noted that the sale of alcohol has added to the state government’s coffers. The revenue, generated by the sale of liquor, can be utilized for acquiring more Coronavirus test kits, and personal protection suits for the medical professionals.

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