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Other than offering suitable food securities and financial help to the poor sections of society, the Mahatma Phule Jan Arogya Yojana in Maharashtra 2020 scheme can be considered as the best health care scheme. It aims to make facilities so that poor people can get access to modern treatment benefits. Other than this, several other health care schemes have come up with the initiative of both state and central government. As the people living in the poor sections lack the money required to avail of the latest medical facilities, such medical scheme initiatives have come up. Let us take a glance at the related details of the entitled scheme.

Name of the schemeMahatma Phule Jan Arogya Yojana in Maharashtra 2020
Target group of the schemeBPL, APL, and special ration card holders
Main objective of the schemeOffer medical treatment to the poor at reasonable rate
Scheme has been launched inMaharashtra
Scheme initiative has been taken by Prithviraj Chavan
Date of announcement2012
Original date of implementation2nd July 2012
Implementation of the revised scheme1st April 2017
Application modeOffline
Previous name of the schemeRajiv Gandhi Jan Arogya Yojana
Scheme has been supervised byState Health Assurance Society, Government of Maharashtra

Mahatma Phule Jan Arogya Yojana in Maharashtra 2020

Development of the medical sector –

The Maharashtra government has always tried to come up with medical schemes for the help of poor people in the state. This scheme is another attempt by the state authorities.

Health insurance scheme –

The above said project is included in the category of cashless medical insurance plans for the poor.

Offering better treatment for poor –

The health welfare scheme has been implemented by state authorities to ensure proper medical treatment to the financially weaker sections of the society. This will be offered in both government listed and non-governmental hospitals.

Cashless treatment methods –

The insurance scheme will include cashless treatment facilities in certain hospitals. However, the expenses will be offered by Maharashtra government.   

Limits of insurance coverage –

The candidates will be offered coverage up to rupees 1.5 lakhs. For any complex surgeries or different modes of treatment, the coverage will be relaxed from 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs.

Premium amount of insurance –

The premium amount for the candidates is rupees 339 for every candidate. However, this amount will be given by the state authorities on behalf of the poor candidates.

Number of districts to get benefits –

In the first phase, only 8 districts will be covered up. However, from the second phase, more 28 districts will be included under the scheme benefits.  

Span of the insurance –

As per the official draft of the scheme, the benefits of the insurance scheme will be applicable for one year. However, after one year, the candidate can visit the linked hospitals and extend the insurance span.

Assured benefits of cashless treatment –

The candidate can opt for cashless treatment in the empaneled hospitals. It will cover up 971 diseases. In addition to this, free follow-up treatment will be given for almost 121 types of diseases.

Phase-wise implementation of the scheme –

The main motive of state government is to cover up as many numbers of poor people as possible. For this, it started with phase-wise implementation for the successful implementation of the scheme.

List of empaneled hospitals –

The state authorities have given a list of both government and private hospitals that are eligible to offer treatment to the poor. The candidates have been asked to visit only the empaneled ones. In this there are a total of 1000 hospitals that are eligible to offer the benefits.

Easy procedure of application –

The candidates need to offer easy application to avail the scheme benefits. For this, health care agents have been appointed who can help the candidates in easy registration under the hospitals. Even to claim any benefits, the applicants can approach the hospital agents. 

Insurance company –

To offer medical facilities to offer, the Maharashtra government has joined hands with the General Insurance Public Sector Association that would pay for the medical insurance of the patients.

Treating facilities for coronavirus patients –

Current CM of Maharashtra has stated that COVID-19 patients will get medical facilities under the scheme.

Eligibility criterion

Residential details –

It has been stated that only the permanent residents of Maharashtra are eligible to avail of the medical scheme benefits.

Category of citizens –

The candidates only belonging to BPL and APL category are eligible to opt for the scheme benefits.

COVID-19 patients –

With the rising cases of COVID-19 patients in Maharashtra, the infected patients can also get treatment under this scheme. It would be offered to them free of cash only after scrutinizing their background. 

Details of annual income –

A annual income limit has been set for the candidates and they have to produce suitable documents at the time of registration for the scheme. It should be less than rupees 1 lakh to be eligible to get scheme benefits.

Ration card holders –

The individuals should have either yellow or orange ration card is order to be eligible to avail of scheme benefits.

Annapurna card holders –

Candidates having Antyodaya Anna Yojana Card can also apply for the treatment scheme. 

Documents necessary

Residential documents –

It is mandatory for the candidates to produce suitable residential documents to justify their claims that they are the permanent residents of Maharashtra.

Category of citizenship-

The candidates should produce APL and BPL certificate for registration under the scheme. 

Income certificate –

The candidate needs to produce his or her income certificate. It would be scrutinized by higher authorities to ensure whether the person is capable of getting the scheme benefits or not.

Card holding documents –

If candidates have a yellow or orange ration card, they should produce the same at the time of registration for the above-said scheme.

Annapurna card details –

 The documents of Antyodaya Anna Yojana Card and Annapurna Scheme cards should be produced at the time of registration. It shall help the candidates can benefit under the cashless scheme benefits.

Application Form

Offline mode of registration –

For ease of the candidates, the state government is inviting offline mode of registration for the scheme. To get details of the online application, one can log in to the official portal related to the scheme.  

Application to be given in hospitals –

The interested candidates can enroll for the application from the empaneled hospitals that is nearby.

Verification of documents –

The applicants need to furnish suitable documents that are required for verification. This help to ensure whether the candidate is suitable to get the benefit of the scheme or not. The verification will be done in the listed hospitals.

Assistance offered by agents at hospitals –

The agents can help the candidates to fill up the application form so that they can complete the registration process. Even to know about the benefits, the agents can help.

Submission and admission at the hospitals –

The digitalized submission of the application form will be done in the hospital. For this, the candidates will be helped by the hospital staff. They can also verify the documents that are considered to be mandatory for getting benefits under the above-said scheme.

How to get the benefits under the scheme?

  • The medical staff at the hospital is responsible to maintain medical records of the beneficiaries under the scheme.
  • For every beneficiary, a separate file should be maintained that shall help to keep record of expenditure receipts.
  • After completion of treatment, the concerned patient will be recharged from hospital. The details of discharge certificate will be given to patients’ party and it will also be kept in the patient’s record.
  • The record file of patients will be sent to the health department for scrutiny.
  • An official order will be given to patients only after checking the given documents. The order issued will be sent to the attached insurance company that shall give medical facilities to the patient.
  • Therefore, the insurance company will transfer the treatment fees in the linked bank account of the hospital.  

List of treatments to be covered under the scheme

  1. ENT operations
  2. General surgeries
  3. Gynecological operations
  4. Orthopedic treatments
  5. Genitourinary treatments
  6. Obstetrics procedures
  7. Ophthalmology operations
  8. Gastroenterological operations
  9. Cardiac treatment
  10. Cardiothoracic procedures
  11. Neurosurgeries
  12. Special treatment for infants and children
  13. Medical oncology
  14. Treating burn victims
  15. Surgical oncology
  16. Radiation therapy for cancer treatment
  17. Treatment for polytrauma
  18. Prostheses treatment
  19. Critical care procedures
  20. Plastic surgeries
  21. General medicine
  22. Interventional radiology
  23. Pediatrics Treatment management
  24. Endocrinology
  25. Medical management for infectious diseases
  26. Nephrological procedures
  27. Gastronomical organ treatment

FAQs on Mahatma Phule Jan Arogya Yojana in Maharashtra 2020

Where can the candidates get information about the scheme?

To get information about the scheme and know the guidelines, the interested candidates can visit the official portal at the link.

Can beneficiary be diagnosed in a non-empaneled hospital?

If the patient has been diagnosed in a non-empaneled hospital, they should have referral card. With the help of this card, they can continue with the treatment from the listed hospitals.

What is the helpline number to know about scheme details?

The patients can contact for the treatment through two helpline numbers given and they are 155 388 and 1800 233 22 00.

Are children eligible to avail of benefits under the scheme?

If children belong to registered households under the scheme, they can avail of the benefits under the scheme.

Can the beneficiary avail post-treatment expenses?

Yes, the beneficiary can get post-treatment expenses, and the financial help will be offered for 10 days.

Therefore, the various healthcare schemes are launched by the state government with the aim of offering suitable medical facilities to the poor sections. As per official records, it is seen that the number of beneficiaries under this scheme has increased more than other schemes. The government authorities are taking suitable measures in order to run the scheme smoothly in the state.     


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