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Make In India Swadeshi Movement Campaign Abhiyan Scheme [Jobs, Registration, Sectors, Projects]

The manufacturing industry, both big and small, contributes tremendously towards the development of the economy of any country. It is all the more important for a rapidly developing country like India. But there are several handicaps, which prevent the healthy growth of manufacturing sector in the nation. The present Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi has a vision to change the sorry circumstances, and pave the path for betterment in the overall manufacturing industry. With this motive, he launched the Make in India campaign. The movement has been implemented on a pan-nation basis, and has been targeted towards the development of manufacturing sector. Apart from this, it will also create a sustainable platform that will encourage foreign companies to invest in manufacturing industries in India. Here is a comprehensive study of the “Make in India” campaign.

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Launch details

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially launched the “Make in India” movement on the 25th September 2014. It marked a new era in the manufacturing sector in the country. The entire campaign will be managed and monitored by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. It will be the responsibility of this department to ensure that a sustainable ecosystem is created for betterment of manufacturing companies. For this, the central government will take necessary steps. Bring about changes in the existing business policies are a must for this to happen.

Scope of the Make in India swadeshi movement

With the successful implementation of the “Make in India” movement, the central government will be able to address the problem of unemployment. An increase in the manufacturing units will mean more job openings. Thus, freshers will no longer have to toil too much to bag a job in this sector. There are immense possibilities in the manufacturing industry. Properly tapping these opportunities will solve the unemployment problem in India forever.

Objectives of the campaign

  1. Creation of a manufacturing hub – The implementation of this movement was done with the aim to turn India in a manufacturing hub. Success of this program will mean that more companies will come up in India, and manufacture products. Even foreign companies will look at the nation as a possible investment sector.
  2. Proper platform for manufacturing industry – Currently, there are not enough opportunities for the establishment or expansion of manufacturing industry in India. The “Make in India” movement will change the picture. With new policies and packages from the central government, the manufacturing sector will grow beyond imagination.
  3. Encouraging entrepreneurship – Depending on jobs is not enough. Growth of business ventures is what India needs. The “Make in India” campaign will encourage and offer necessary elements to help new business owners to set up their startups.
  4. Foreign investment – Foreign Direct Investment or FDI will pave the path for better business establishments. The campaign is a call to foreign nations and companies to make base in India, manufacture and sell the items in other nations. It will increase the percentage of manufacturing output from 16% to 25% by the end of 2025.
  5. Skill enhancement – Development of manufacturing sector is not the only objective of “Make in India” project. Skill development of Indian masses is another aspect that will be addressed properly.
  6. Boost manufacturing infrastructure – With the implementation of new policies and special grants, the central government will be able to create robust infrastructure that will support the growth of all manufacturing industries.
  7. Reduce dependence on imports – With the establishment of more manufacturing units in the country, the overall dependence on importing goods will come down automatically. It will increase revenue generation and retention.
  8. Forster better relations with other countries – The “Make in India” movement will bring together many foreign nations. With cooperation, every nation will benefit from the program. It will, in turn, foster better international relations among the foreign countries and India.
  9. Employment generation – More manufacturing units mean requirement of man power. It will create job opportunities for all sections of the society, both directly and indirectly.
  10. Innovation and protect intellect – Lastly, this campaign will boost business enthusiasts to work on innovative ideas. Apart from this, it will create the perfect climate for the development of project intellect.

Selected sectors under the campaign

After thorough research, the central government has identified certain manufacturing sectors, which require more attention than the others. Under “Make in India” movement, 25 such categories have been highlighted. They are as follows:

  1. Automobile manufacturing
  2. Automobile spare part manufacturing
  3. Aviation industry
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Chemical manufacturing
  6. Construction
  7. Defense goods manufacturing
  8. Export of defense goods
  9. Electronic machine manufacturing
  10. Electronic systems
  11. Food processing
  12. Leather manufacturing
  13. Oil and gas
  14. Mining industry
  15. Information technology development
  16. Railway related manufacturing
  17. Ports, and shipping industry
  18. Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  19. Highway and road development
  20. Renewable energy manufacturing
  21. Thermal power manufacture
  22. Hospitality and tourism
  23. Manufacture of healthcare facilities
  24. Manufacture of garments and textile
  25. Space and astronomy

Challenges the campaign may face

  1. The success of this movement will only come if the government makes intensive changes in the business and import-export policies. It may take some time.
  2. Promotion plays a big role in roping in the revenue. With the implementation of this scheme, there are possibilities of an unsustainable attention on only the sale of exportable items.
  3. The international financial sector is always going through changes. A sudden fall in the world economy will hamper the proper function of “Make in India” movement. Carefully calculated evasive planning is a must to safeguard Indian economy during such circumstances.

Make in India brand ambassador

After the launch of the “Make in India” movement, it was announced by the authority that it has selected the chairperson of Rasna Company as the brand ambassador. Mr. Piruz Khambatta has been managing the activities at Rasna organization with success. Thus, he was a good choice to become the face of the campaign. He will be able to instill faith in the minds of young business enthusiasts, who will make the most of this opportunity.

Constant growth in the GDP is an indicator of the nation’s financial health. It is the responsibility of the central government to come up with schemes, which will support the economic structure. The “Make in India” movement is a potent ingredient towards this end. A boost to the overall manufacturing sector will prove beneficial for the social development of the common people without a doubt.

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