Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme 2021 In AP

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme 2019-20 In Andra Pradesh

The education sector has been important to Andhra Pradesh government and this is the reason the new government of Andhra Pradesh came up with new scheme called Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme. The scheme will work towards the development of the government schools as in the earlier days the government schools were prestigious educational institution. Due to the popularity of privately funded schools the government school lost its glory and the government is trying to replenish the glory of the government schools.

The detail is given in the tabular for below.

Name of the scheme Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by YS Jaganmohan Reddy
Time of announcement October, 2019
Date of launch 14th Nov
Occasion of launching the scheme Children’s Day
Target beneficiary Government Schools
Supervised by Andhra Pradesh Government

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme 2019 Details

Development of the government schools-

 The scheme will work towards bringing back the lost glory of the government schools. In order to do that the state government will spend money under the scheme.

Number of schools-

According to the rules of the scheme, there are as much as 15000 government schools in Andhra Pradesh. And according to the rule of the scheme all these schools will come under the scheme.

Budget allocated for the scheme-

For the development of the government schools the government has allotted 6000 crore rupees for the scheme.

Tenure of the scheme-

 in order to do the complete development of the schools the scheme will take 4 years.

Renovation of schools-

According to the investigation there are several schools that are in horrible condition. The officials will select the schools and then renovation will be done to restore the structure of the schools.

Washroom for male and female-

There are several schools where you will not find adequate toilets for the students. In order to solve the problem you the scheme will work towards building the toilets in the school.

Laboratory for the students-

The scheme will build laboratories in the schools so that student can learn a subject in depth. The laboratories will have latest apparatus that will provide practical knowledge to the students.

Supervision of the activities-

The Mandal Education Board will follow the guidelines of the scheme in order check whether the construction activities are running properly or not. The board members will let the authority know about the progress.

Appointment of the community contractors-

In order to maintain the transparency in the construction work the state government has decided to hand over the project to the community contractor as the govt. believes that they are better than contractors.

Formation of parent body-

The responsible officers of the Mandal Board of Education will maintain a liaison with the parents’ councils. The officers select the parents and they are given with responsibility to monitor the construction works.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

According to the rules of the scheme, the government schools and the state sponsored schools are eligible to get the benefits of the scheme.

Documents necessary for application

Address of the institute-

While applying for the scheme the head of the institution need to submit address proof of the institution.

Certificate from the state education department-

During the time of application the head of the institution needs to submit all the legal documents that they have from the state education department.

How to apply for the benefits of the scheme?

As the scheme is launched recently so the registration process is not out yet; once the Chief Minister or the respective department releases any information regarding this you will be updated. It is believed that, the government schools have to go through the application in order to receive standard development.

How will the implementation of the scheme take place?

Selecting a school-

The authority will select a school and then the engineers and community contractors will take few pictures of the site.

Making a list-

After that they will prepare list about what construction can be done for providing basic facilities.

Initiating the work-

the construction work will start once the government approves the fund for the particular school.

Completion of work-

After the construction work finishes the engineers and community workers take the picture of the finished site.

Assessment of the development-

the authority compares the pictures of site they have taken before and after the construction to assess the work.

Releasing the report-

Soon after the assessment the report along with images are released to the public to show them the picture of development that is taking place in the state.

Encouraging parents-

The reports are believed to be a way to encourage the parents to admit their children to state-run school. The scheme will help the education infrastructure of the state to evolve further.

Of late it has been seen that parents are unwilling to send their children to government and state-run schools. Despite the high quality teachers and teaching method the parents are not considering the schools due to lack of proper facilities. Therefore, it is believed that after the scheme is implemented the government school will be able to back in competition with other private schools and able to attract students. This will help to improve the overall infrastructure of the education in Andhra Pradesh.

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