Telangana Govt Launches Rs 5 Meal Scheme at the doorstep for senior citizens

Telangana Govt Launches Rs 5 Meal Scheme at the doorstep for senior citizens (Mobile Annapurna Canteen Scheme)

The Telangana government has meticulously developed and implemented welfare schemes for the common people, residing in the state. The Annapurna Canteen Scheme, implemented in 2014 was an impressive step, taken by the state authority. Under this project, hygienic and nutritious meals were served to the labors, and individual, belonging to financially weak categories. The cost of each meal plate was Rs. 5.

The implementation of this scheme was done with the assistance of Hare Krishna Movement. Though the scheme was started on a pilot basis, it was soon implemented in the other parts of Telangana. Now, 150 Annapurna Canteens are operating in the state. These centers serve around 45,000 people regularly.

Mobile Annapurna Canteen Scheme telangana

On the 2nd of March 2020, the Annapurna Scheme completed six glorious years. On this occasion, the Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrasekhar Rao announced the launch of the Mobile Annapurna Canteen. The development of this project has been done for offering nutritious meals to age people and physically or mentally challenged individuals. The scheme will pave the path for food security.

The Chief Minister also stated that the elderly and the handicap people find it rather challenging to get to the Annapurna Canteens. The launch of the mobile canteens will deliver the food to their doorsteps.

The food will be prepared in a hygienic way, and will be packed in special packets. These will be placed in the hot cases, to retain the freshness of the meals. The volunteers will go to the homes of the selected beneficiaries, and deliver the meal packets. The beneficiaries will have to pay only Rs. 5 for these meal packets.

Though the new scheme will be implemented on a pilot basis, the state government is hopeful that it will provide satisfactory results, which will ensure its widespread implementation. For the time being, one mobile canteen will operate in every area. The Chief Minister stated that initially, 50 beneficiaries will be served daily under this project. In due course, the state government will increase the beneficiary number of 1200.

The Chief Minister has highlighted that the state officials will gather the information of the eligible applicants from the Telangana official records. The senior citizens and physically handicap individuals, obtain financial assistance from the state government under the pension schemes. It is a rich source of information. The state officials can access the authorized citizen records for the selection of the beneficiaries.

The success of the Annapurna Canteen Scheme has encouraged the governments in other states to come up with similar projects. Rajasthan, Odisha, and Maharashtra have already implemented schemes, which are on the same line as the Annapurna Canteen Scheme.

The state government will take the necessary steps to ensure proper operation of the scheme. Ensuring the food security for the needy is an important responsibility of the state government, and Telangana Chief Minister will leave no stone unturned to offer this facility to the permanent residents of this state, who are eligible for obtaining the perks of this scheme.

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