CM Uddhav Thackeray Launch Mobile Medical Centre ‘Endoscopy on Wheels’ Maharashtra

CM Uddhav Thackeray Launch Mobile Medical Centre ‘Endoscopy on Wheels’ in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray has launched the first mobile van that offers instant treatment and diagnosis facilities. The main aim of the program is to offer easy treatment facilities to patients in remote areas as they are unable to reach hospitals easily. However, the mobile van has been launched in association with the Baldota Institute of Digestive Sciences or BIDS. This shall cover up for the treatment for abdominal and gastrointestinal problems. This launch is the first of its kind that shall ensure that needy people get instant medical help. Read the following part of the article to know more about the entitled launch.

Mobile Medical Centre ‘Endoscopy on Wheels’ Maharashtra

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the programMobile medical Centre – ‘Endoscopy on Wheels’
Scheme has been launched in Maharashtra
Scheme has been launched by State chief minister Uddhav Thackeray
Target group of the scheme Poor village people of Maharashtra
Main objective of the scheme Provide immediate treatment and diagnosis for ailments
Areas covered under the scheme Rural and tribal people

Key features of the scheme

  • Target group of the launch – As per the scheme guidelines, it has been said that the people living in the tribal and rural parts will be benefitted from the above said launch of the mobile van.
  • Main objective of the scheme –The main focus of the launch of the mobile medical center is to offer instant treatment for the ailments of the poor people. However, the treatment will be given free of cost to the citizens of the state.
  • Ailments covered in the scheme – As per the guidelines, it has been mentioned that any stomach-related ailments will be covered under the above-said launch. The needy person will get instant medical treatment from the mobile medical center.

Features of the mobile medical van

  1. The van will have equipment o operation theatre along with technicians and doctors.
  2. The center will work for the treatment of patients suffering from H-Pylori, cancer detection, intestinal ulcers, acidity, and biopsy. The technology used shall help in the early detection of the disease.
  3. The service will be provided free of cost, and the medical van shall throughout the state to provide suitable service to the patients.
  4. Even for medical advice regarding the ailment, the doctors on the van shall help the patient and their family with suitable information.

However, it has been known that Narendra Kumar Baldota has donated for the successful implementation of the scheme. Thus, the center is aiming to raise awareness about abdominal problems and guide the patients suitably.

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