Mukhyamantri Krishi Ashirwad Yojana In Jharkhand 2020 [Form]

Mukhyamantri Krishi Ashirwad Yojana 2020
In Jharkhand
[Application Form, Eligibility, Documents, Farmer List]

For an agricultural nation like India, the quality and quantity of the product will help the nation to progress. Farming essentials are required for a better outcome in the agricultural land. The poor farmers are not able to implement modern techniques to get better outcomes. They lack financial power and thus, they fail to get the best results in the agricultural output. In recent times, Jharkhand CM has launched a new scheme that will help for the improvement of Kharif crop planters. The project is called by the name Krishi Ashirwad Yojana that can be expected to start in the next year for the betterment of the farmers.

Mukhyamantri Krishi Aashirwad Yojana In Jharkhand
Name of the schemeMukhyamantri Krishi Aashirwad Yojana    
Launched byRaghubar Das    
Launched inJharkhand    
Launch date of schemeDecember 2018      
Target audienceSmall and marginal farmers     
Estimated scheme launch date2019-2020    
Financial assistance5000 per acre     

What are the features of Mukhyamantri Krishi Aashirwad Yojana?

Farmer’s development

The main aim of the government is to help in the development of agricultural farmers. With this assistance, the farmers will be able to implement the latest farming techniques in the agricultural land without any economic problem.

Kharif crop growers

The Kharif crop growers are also included in this project. When they are planning to grow this crop, they only have to register for the financial assistance under this scheme.

Number of beneficiaries

The government is expecting that it will be able to reach out to 22 lakh 76 thousand agricultural workers with full financial package.

Payment mode

The financial assistance provided by the government will be applicable on an annual basis. The farmers will receive the money depending on the farmer’s holdings.

Total money to be spent

The beneficiaries of the scheme will be able to use the money to use the latest farming techniques and implement the same in the agricultural lands. In addition, the money can be used to buy seeds, agricultural fertilizers and tools to get the best outcome.

Financial assistance by state

The Jharkhand government has decided to provide farmers rupees 5000 per acre for land holdings.

What are the eligibility criteria and documents required for application?

Residential proof

The farmers who reside in Jharkhand state will be eligible to avail the benefits of the scheme. They have to provide their residential proof to become beneficiary of the scheme.

Personal ID proof

The Aadhaar card or voter card will be required as a personal proof. The details of the documents will be used to track the beneficiary list under the scheme.

Professional identity

The small and marginal farmers are applicable to apply for the benefits of the scheme. The farmers have to produce details of the total land holdings and submit the related documents to claim for the benefits under the scheme.

Bank details

In respect to the scheme, the applicants have to provide the required bank details in respect to claiming the benefits of the scheme. Therefore, it is compulsory for farmers to provide bank details during the application for the scheme.

Details of application form and process of registration

The farming scheme has been introduced by the state government. No detailed information about scheme launch has yet been elaborated. After the details are declared, the applicants will be the first to know about details of the registration. Farmers will be assisted with different financial needs to meet their requirements. After the implementation of the scheme during the next financial year, the government has planned to skip the involvement of any third party money lenders. In addition, the farmers will also be able to eliminate the problems of the high rate of interest on any financial borrowings for agricultural purposes.

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