My Family My Responsibility Campaign – Majhe Kutumb Majhi Jababdari Abhiyan in Maharashtra

My Family My Responsibility Campaign – Majhe Kutumb Majhi Jababdari Abhiyan 2020

The Maharashtra government has initiated the “My Family My Responsibility Campaign – Majhe Kutumb Majhi Jababdari Abhiyan” to reach every family in the state. The main objective is to survey residents’ health condition and try to offer them better medical facilities.  The state government is taking suitable steps to implement the scheme and make it a success. For this, it is important to know the following part of the article for the interested applicants.

My Family My Responsibility Campaign Maharashtra

My Family My Responsibility Campaign launches details

Name of the schemeMy Family My Responsibility Campaign – Majhe Kutumb Majhi Jababdari Abhiyan
Scheme has been launched inMaharashtra
Beneficiaries of the schemeResidents of Maharashtra
Main focus of schemeAccess health condition and offer medical help
Departments to help in scheme implementationPublic representatives, NGOs and local residents
Date of scheme implementation15th September, 2020
Announcement for scheme start4th September, 2020
Expected beneficiaries2.25 crores families

Characteristics of the My Family My Responsibility Campaign –

Target group to be benefitted –

The residents of the state are the target group under the scheme

Main objective for scheme launch –

The main idea of the campaign is to offer suitable medical help to the needy people in the state

Hospitals to help in the scheme –

The hospital authorities should take care that no hospital beds are occupied unnecessarily, and the needy get the required help.

Total beneficiaries of the scheme –

The state government is trying to cover up for a total of 2.25 crore families in Maharashtra and provide suitable medical help under the campaign. 

Phase wise distribution –

There are phases 1 and phase 2 and the 1st phase will start from 15th September and extend till 10th October 2020. Whereas, the second phases will run from 12th October to 24th October, 2020.

Main objectives behind the campaign launch –

The campaign will take place in two phases and the details are enlisted in the following part.

  • Push volunteers have been elected to help residents of state to impart suitable medical and health related information
  • It helps in starting door-to-door meeting
  • Checking the health condition and oxygen level of the citizens
  • Checking the body temperature of the residents
  • Volunteering the co-morbidity rate and advising people to take steps for suitable treatment
  • Checking for symptoms like throat pain, tiredness, diarrhea, loss of taste and small, body pain, and the like

However, the gram panchayat and municipal corporations will help the representatives for the smooth implementation of the scheme. 

What is the need to launch the campaign?

  • The campaign launch’s main purpose is to curb the increasing coronavirus suspects and positive cases with increasing death rates.
  • The active cases are 2.36 lakhs and the recovery rate is 71.03
  • The main reason for the campaign is to help curb the spread of coronavirus case in the state
  • By educating people, it shall help people in early detection of the suspected symptoms of COVID-19.

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